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Advantages of e-recruitment

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  1. What is the online recruitment?
  2. Advantages of e-recruitment
    1. Reach a maximum number of people
    2. Interaction
    3. Cost-effective
  3. Drawbacks of e-recruitment
    1. Big amount of responses
    2. Technological problems
  4. Online recruitment strategies
    1. Social media and websites
    2. Job services
  5. Conclusion

The online recruitment (or e-recruitment) is the process of matching people and appropriate job offers thanks to the internet tool. It is also the process to hire them using the internet. Usually and nowadays, the most common form of online recruitment is the ads of jobs that we can find on job websites and corporate ones. Indeed, a lot of companies just propose job offers directly on their website.
Generally, it occurs a lot of answers, by attracting a huge number of potential candidates, which is only a tiny part of the online recruitment process. The real benefit of this kind of recruitment is revealed when the recruiters of the HR department can automatize the process with HR software.

We need to know what are the advantages and drawbacks of the process of the online recruitment, because even if it is really trendy right now, we would like to know why companies should act this way or not. After analyzing the advantages and drawbacks of this kind of recruitment, we will add 2 interviews made with the CEO of, a web magazine, and the CEO of 9cloudnannies, an online website to find nannies for family.

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