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The case of James Hardie

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  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose and authorisation of this report
    2. Limitations
    3. Scope of the report
    4. Method of gathering information
  2. Problems and principles that effected the change
    1. Compensation fund issues
    2. Restructuring of James Hardie
    3. Threats within the economic environment
    4. Cultural analysis
    5. HRM and leadership roles
    6. Recommendations for HRM and leadership development
  3. Organizational change management plan
    1. Scope and objective
    2. Purpose and objectives
    3. Scope and approach
  4. Organizational change management strategy by project phase
  5. Conclusion

Purpose and authorisation of this report- The purpose of this report is to analyze and recommend organizational change processes for James Hardie Industries NV. This report has been commissioned by Monique Beedles. Limitations- The analysis report and proposed Change Management Plan are limited to a theoretical overview and recommendation based on the available literature regarding James Hardie Industries. A more practical proposal would only be possible through direct access and interviews with the relevant stakeholders. Scope of the report- The following report explores organizational change process and the various areas that impact on the successful implementation of organizational change process in relation to James Hardie Industries NV. The following recommendations for a new organizational change process will be provided based on the research undertaken and presented throughout the report. Method of Gathering Information- Information was gathered from a variety of sources including; prescribed readings, online databases such as; Google scholar, ProQuestand scholarly paper based sources which are presented in the reference list.

[...] The objectives for this final Phase 1 meeting are to communicate Project timelines, scope, approach, and critical success factors and to introduce the key individuals in the organisation to the Project The Case of James Hardie HRM 321 Assignment 2 The objective of the final Phase 1 meeting is one of the most critical components of a successful change management program and would provide an ideal setting for the executives and stakeholders to communicate their support and commitment to the Project while highlighting the importance of the Project to the overall objectives of the organisation Phase II - Marketing Imperative throughout the entire process of designing the roll out of the change management plan is the marketing of the change both internally and externally, as well as its participation and acceptance of all affected stakeholders. [...]

[...] This was shown in the threat from Australian local council representatives and federal labour leader's boycott against the company ("Latham threatens James Hardie boycott" 2004) Recommendations for HRM and leadership development In order to create a more modern Senior Leadership Team (SLT) within James Hardie, a number of conditions must be satisfactorily fulfilled The Case of James Hardie HRM 321 Assignment Organisational change management plan 3.1 Scope and objective It is our view that James Hardie, as a global entity, needs to effectively manage its reputation both internally and externally in order to overcome the catastrophes that have plagued it over the years. [...]

[...] Regular self-evaluation and strong leadership is important since it must be improved and changed due to current circumstances where corporate governance and social responsibilities are important (Wageman et al, 2008) The Case of James Hardie HRM 321 Assignment Preparing staff and the stakeholders for the James Hardie? Transparency of all processes will be paramount in preparing the staff of both the stakeholders and James Hardie employees for the business transformation. It is envisioned that the marketing campaign and the placement of effective leaders throughout the organisation will impact the entire culture of the business and essentially promote social responsibility and ethical business practices amongst all employees and Stakeholders Communications approach Communicating across international borders should require a varied approach that addresses the capabilities of the current communication methods, integrates the overall objectives of the Project and is appropriately phased over the life of the Project. [...]

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