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Case study: Schindler group

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  1. Introduction
  2. Schindler's human resources, strategy and HR planning
    1. Strong bases are essential for long term success
    2. When motivation increase, success is nearer
    3. Quality people, key factor for Schindler
    4. Succession planning
    5. Work/Life balance
    6. Remuneration
  3. Organizational alignment and agility and workforce analysis
    1. Organizational alignment
    2. Organizational agility
    3. Workforce analysis
  4. Conclusion

The aim of this document is to detail and analyze the human resources policy of a European company named Schindler Group. Schindler is the leader of escalators manufacturing and the second actor on the elevator market in the world. They produce, install and maintain their products in every types of building from the small residential ones to the high towers in large cities. They are in charge of the modernization of the material too when it is necessary. Today Schindler is present in more than 140 countries and has more than 43000 employees all around the world.

Their production facilities are located in Austria, China, France, Brazil, Spain, USA and Switzerland. Schindler group has also another division called ALSO group, which is a wholesale and logistic company in the information and communication technology market. This division is mainly targeted for Switzerland and Germany. Human resources represent a key field for Schindler group, this is the reason why they elaborated a clear human resources policy and they try to improve it every year in order to be more efficient.

They consider that the know-how and skills of their employee represent the main factor of success for the group. This is why it is vital for them to treat their employee the best as possible and to have strong values and objectives. In a first part we will have an overview of Schindler group human resources and we will analyze the strategy and HR planning of Schindler. In the second part we will and explain their organizational alignment and agility and analyze their workforce.

[...] They drive their team and are totally devoted to them; they are seeking for teamwork because they think it is the best way to be the most efficient.[2] When motivation increase, success is nearer Schindler has a lot of different positions to offer and these positions are available all around the world, which represent huge opportunities for employees to enhance their carrier. They require a high level of skills, competence and know how in order to satisfy every client. Schindler always thought that a motivated employee always satisfy customers, which is benefic for the business. [...]

[...] Schindler have high standards concerning the behaviors and actions of their employees in the professional sphere but also in their private life. Thus, they have to sign and respect the Group's Code of Conduct.[9] Employees in Schindler Group are supposed to be ready to have international assignments, which is a very useful thing in order to boost their carrier. It is a win win relation because in the same times it allows Schindler to expand the distribution of knowledge skills, supplement technical expertise. [...]

[...] In the second part of this analysis we studied the organizational alignment and agility of Schindler Group and we concluded that the company was organizationally aligned and agile. In fact their vision statement, mission and values correspond to their strategy and actions, and they successfully adapted the organization during the years to stay the leader on their market. A Chinese proverb says "If you are planning for one year, grow rice. If you are planning for 20 years grow trees. [...]

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