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Comparative human resource management: BHP Billiton expanding on Turkey

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  1. Australia-Turkey: a good combination for successful transnational operations
    1. Comparison of Australian and Turkish Backgrounds
    2. Cultural comparisons
  2. Industrial relations in Australia and Turkey
    1. Industrial relations in Australia
    2. Industrial relations in Turkey
    3. Recommendations for BHP Billiton on industrial relations
  3. Possible issues in international HRM likely to occur and related recommendations
    1. Training and recruiting
    2. Recommendations for training and staffing
    3. Performance
    4. Remuneration
  4. Can BHP Billiton expand its operation in Turkey?

The world market is becoming more integrated; borders are continually eliminated by the constant flow of information, human and financial resources. Globalization and the race for getting the larger market share is forcing companies to opt for new places to operate, cheaper resources, increased productivity and to develop long term relationships with corporative partners and customers. Nevertheless, in every country, companies and governments have different ways of trading and conducting business which makes this race much more difficult. BHP Billiton is definitely an international company: it is involved in over 100 operations in 25 countries and has over 38,000 employees all around the world (BHP Billiton, 2007). Australian company BHP Billiton, formerly BHP and Billiton are Australian and African companies whose core business is the specialization in industrial resources of high quality at competitive prices. Their product portfolio includes petroleum, aluminium, base metals, carbon and steel materials, diamonds and specialty products, energy coal, stainless steel materials and Uranium (BHP Billiton, 2009). This study analyzes a hypothetical expansion of BHP Billiton's operations in Turkey.

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