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Ergonomic analysis of a work station

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the communication strategy
    1. The target, the typical
    2. Communication objectives
  3. Advertising investment
    1. Advertising investment
    2. From each media
    3. Cost of an advertisement on criteria
  4. Levels of communication
  5. The creative strategy copy
  6. The slogan
  7. Creative analysis
  8. Conclusion

In 1981, in Montpellier, the first store specializing in product marketing pitch emerged under the name of Ladder 34. After several years of operation, and its strong success, the founder, George Morales, decided to assess the reproducibility of the concept, and the findings were very positive. We will detail the organization of various elements present in the office and the techno-commercial uses of the same.

The various elements of this office are very simple and there is very little superfluous and unnecessary evidence. The fixed components are the central office, including two three chairs for customers, computer, printer, telephone and two cabinets, one on which the printer is installed and the other emphasize leaflets of the company.

It is evident that very little is added to this arrangement, and the majority of them are the personal affairs of the technical sales. The office is not very big, but still allows good circulation. The office is adjacent to that of other technical sales of the store, which allows smooth transmission of information.

The strength and success of the concept is based on the idea of presenting in one place, all the products to rise, work, travel, park at a certain height and do it safely.

Safety is a fundamental need of man. No one is reassured by height. Each individual feels differently about height and weighs differently the risks he takes. From a certain height, which varies from person to person, the individual buys more than anywhere, he wants to be reassured. Professionally, it must also respect the labor laws, and be more restrictive, because of the many accidents. Justice demands compliance with safety rules and punishes those responsible severely for being negligent. This atmosphere has led to an awakening of conscience.

Climb, work, travel, park requires not only steps and rungs, but also platforms and protections. These products have a certain complexity requiring advice and assistance.
The trade specialist is to advise and guide customers to the best technical solutions, which implies a good knowledge of products, rules and safety standards in force.

Customers are many and varied: Major construction companies; SMEs and craftsmen; Industrial; Administrations; Local; Arborists; Performing Trades; Architects.

The workstation of one of two technical ? commercial companies was analyzed. The functions of the workstation are: organize your weekly schedule; follow a loyal customer base of professionals in the Herault; telemarketing from a file existing prospects; prospect fallout from future mailings, incoming calls, fax requests; participate in trade shows and fairs in the Herault; study the needs of prospects and make the best technical solution or outcome of standard catalog products, or products made to order; perform a quote with the possible assistance of consulting firms manufacturers; selling the estimate and its solution by negotiating prices in both upstream and downstream; track order; arrange delivery; ensure, if necessary, the receiving site; follow the settlement of customers.

Tags: work stations, ergonomic analysis of a work station, Montpellier

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