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All you wanted to know about recruitment and selection

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions of various HR terms
  3. Recruitment process
  4. Factors affecting recruitment
  5. Corporate mission, objectives, strategies, tactics and recruitment
  6. Techniques useful to stimulate internal candidates
  7. Sources of recruitment
    1. Internal and external sources
  8. Evaluation of a recruitment program
  9. Methods of selection
  10. Induction: Types and methodology
  11. Data analysis and interpretations
  12. Bibliography
  13. Annexures

Recruitment has acquired immense importance in today's organizations. Organizations have realized the value of human capital and its role in their development. Recruitment is the first step in the process of acquiring and retaining human resources for an organization. In today's rapidly changing business environment, organizations have to respond to requirements for people. Hence, it is important to have a well-defined recruitment policy in place, which can be executed effectively to get the best fits for the vacant positions.

The magnitude of recruitment and the methods to be used are determined by the human resource plan. Depending on the human resource plan, the organization decides on the number of people to be recruited; the jobs for which they have to be recruited and whether the recruitment is for permanent or temporary staff. Once these decisions are made the modes of recruitment are finalized.

All the decisions are taken in alignment with the recruitment policy of the company and the organization's long term goals. The educational and technical requirements to manage various jobs should be properly analyzed so that right types of persons are employed. After having determined the number and kinds of personnel required, the human resource or personnel manager proceeds with identification of sources of recruitment and finding suitable candidates for employment. Both internal and external sources of manpower are used depending upon the types of personnel needed. Thus recruitment includes only finding, developing the sources of prospective employees and attracting them to apply for the jobs in the organizations.

[...] They are: Government policies Personnel policies of other competing organizations; Organization's personnel policies Recruitment needs Recruitment sources Recruitment cost Selection criteria and preferences etc. ELEMENTS OF A GOOD RECRUITMENT POLICY A good recruitment policy: Complies with government policies on hiring. Provides optimum employment security and avoids frequent lay-offs or lost-time. Assures the candidate of the management's interest in their development. Prevents the formation of cliques which results in the employing the members if the same household or community in the organization. [...]

[...] The company has to do the following in case of using an agency or a consultant Briefing the agency about the requirements, terms and conditions and employment Providing job and employee specifications and helping the Consultant in modifying them FACTORS AFFECTING SELECTION DECISIONS A number of factors affect the selection decision of candidates. The important among them are: Profile matching Organizational and social environment Successive hurdles Multiple correlation PROFILE MATCHING Tentative decision regarding the selection of candidates is taken in advance. [...]

[...] The recruitment & Selection procedure that is carried out The company is very satisfactory to the employees and they feel proud to be a part of this organization. The employees are encouraged to apply for the vacant position, this serves to prove that they are well motivated and encouraged by their superiors, this helps them in their career growth & development. The new entrants are given satisfactory training sessions and induction programs, which helps them to do their jobs smoothly. [...]

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