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The management of human resources in Europe

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  1. Overview of H.R. management in Europe, culture and International H.R. management
    1. Not the same model and culture for all European countries
    2. European countries of the East
    3. European countries of the North
    4. Great Britain
    5. France
  2. Strategy and H.R. planning in Europe
    1. Definition
    2. Opposition between countries of the North and countries of the East
    3. Great Britain and France: two sophisticated H.R. strategy and planning
  3. Organizational alignment and agility in Europe
    1. Definition
    2. France and European countries of the North, an internal solution
    3. European countries of the East, an external solution
    4. Great Britain, a mix between internal and external solutions
  4. Workforce engagement, capability and capacity in Europe
    1. Workforce engagement in Europe
    2. Capability and capacities in Europe
  5. Succession planning in Europe
    1. European countries of the North: first in Europe
    2. European countries of the East: the latest
    3. Great Britain and France: not in the same tempo

Since the second part of the 20th century, employees are playing a more important in the company. As compared to being a mere worker or a "tool? in 1900, they are now a real resource that generates an advertisement value for companies. Thus, the area of Human Resource management takes importance and has become a full job striving to motivate and manage people so that they become more efficient. However, the arena of Human Resource management is not the same in all countries. The U.S. companies are among the first to improve their H.R. management, while developing nations took some more time to come to the fore. Geographically, Europe accounts for 46 countries between Spain and Great Britain, and a part of Russia and Greece. In consequence, it is difficult to determine a common H.R. management between these countries. Europe is a recent concept while the other countries have ancient practices. Thus, countries of Europe have an old history that generated various cultures. In consequence, it is not easy to generalize and we need to differentiate various areas that are involved.

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