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Access to employment in the European Union for non-residents

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the four major turning points of the Great Depression in a monetary perspective
    1. The stock market crash of October 1929
    2. The banking crises of October 1930 and March 1931
    3. September 1931: End of parity between the pound-sterling and gold in the GHG
    4. The banking panic of 1933
  3. Crises worsened by the lack of action taken by the Federal Reserve System
    1. Inadequacy of monetary policy actions and inaction of the monetary authorities
    2. Theoretical impact of appropriate monetary policy
    3. Explanations for the failure of the implementation of consistent monetary policies
  4. Conclusion

Certain nationals of countries, which have signed agreements with France, enjoy special exemptions from ordinary law. These include nationals from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Gabon and Togo. People in other foreign nations will have to go through the introduction procedure if they have to find employment in France.

The introduction procedure helps foreigners to access employment in France. This initiative allows the employer in France to employ a foreigner who is not a resident of France. Hiring is only possible if there is no skilled labor available in the French territory.

This law was created on 18 January, 2005 by the ANAEM (National Agency for the Reception of Foreigners and Migration). This agency brings together the resources of the IMO (International Office of Migration) and the SSAE in order to provide assistance to emigrants.

It also aims to participate in all administrative actions, health and social issues, including the entry and residence for a period not exceeding three months and the reception of asylum seekers.

The agency is the first stop in the introduction to France, under the family reunification or to carry out paid employment, and for foreign nationals of third countries or the European Union, where they register for employment.

An employer who wants to bring a stranger to France to perform a specific job must first file for an application prior to the introduction to the ANPE. The agency has the opportunity to propose for this job the unemployed already registered in its services.

This request is in a folder, which is transmitted to the director of the labor union. The employer must specifically state the reasons why he needs to use a foreign worker.

A circular dated 26 March 2004 aims to simplify the procedure for processing and issuing of work permits and residence permits for executives or high-level foreigners who are required to take the responsibility of companies located in France or occupy positions that require high technical, commercial or financial skills.

This simplified procedure will enable them to obtain these documents in a very short time allowing them to exercise their profession on their arrival on French territory.

Regularization for aliens who entered France legally without a contract, want to engage in employment and therefore obtain a work permit required. This is a change in status.
The Labor Code provides that the foreigner who is lawfully resident in France can be permitted to work. He or she should submit his application at the employment counter and he or she should be found to be medically fit to work by the ANAEM

A foreigner can not take up employment in France without first obtaining a certified work permit. Resident card allows both residence and employment of foreign nationals who are holders. Indeed, it gives the holder the right to exercise the whole of metropolitan France any paid employment of his choice under the law.

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