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An evaluation of the role played by salary and by non-financial incentives in promoting motivation in middle managers

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  1. The fundamentals theories
    1. The classic theory of F. Taylor
    2. Theories of needs
  2. Motivational strategies
    1. Extrinsic motivation
    2. Intrinsic motivation

As motivation influences productivity, managers need to understand what motivates employees to reach peak performance. They need to provide the right organizational climate to ensure that their employees can see that by working towards the organizational goals they are also achieving some of their own goals. These goals could be material as financial rewards or personal rewards or non-materialistic aspects such as the respect of their colleagues or job satisfaction or a combination of any number of things that the employee considers to be important. It is no good giving someone a pay rise if they are dissatisfied with the job and they do not see money as a very important factor in their working life. It is not an easy task to increase employee motivation because employees respond in different ways to their jobs and their organization's practices. Motivation is "driving force within individuals" (Mullins, 2002), and the manager (motivator) should influence factors that motivate employees to gain higher levels of productivity.

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