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Analysis of the in U.S.A

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  1. Country profile
    1. General facts
    2. Population & Job Market
  2. Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions
  3. Overview of the American
  4. Strategy & HR Planning
    1. Strategy
    2. Planning
  5. Recruitment, training & careers, employee rights & discipline
  6. Workplace Social Justice Issue
  7. Culture & International HR Management
  8. Future challenges

In this study of the Human resources in United States we will firstly present briefly the United States, and then we will use Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions to assess the characteristics of business organizations within the U.S. We will thus present an overview of the American resources and get into further detail in the areas of Strategy & Planning, Recruitment, Careers, Employee Rights & Discipline, Workplace Social Justice Issue, Culture & International HR Management. Finally we will look at the different issues that the U.S. could face in the few coming years. The American way of managing human resources is quite similar to those used in other western countries. This however emphasizes more on motivation and incentives based upon performance. They like speeches and group work. Thus self actualization and self esteem is a strong need identified within the American workforce.

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