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Analyzes of Oracle Corporation during the acquisition of Peoplesoft

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  1. Introduction
  2. The identity of the four giant DE BEERS
  3. The diamond pipeline
  4. The different diamond industries
    1. The gross diamond industry
    2. The jewelry industry
  5. The life cycle
  6. Competitive forces
  7. Developments and various strategic scenarios
    1. Possible developments in the diamond market
    2. The future of the rough diamond market
    3. The future of the jewelry market
    4. Diamond mining industry
    5. Possible strategies for De Beers
  8. Conclusion

This report will analyze the sales of Oracle Corporation in publishing software. Oracle software can do more with less. Herein, lies the power and simplicity of the technology based on Oracle.

The goal is to streamline and automate operations by posting all aspects of the business: marketing, sales, supply chain, production, customer service, accounting and human resources.

When all functions are operating on a global network on the Internet, and in a global database, everyone is connected, and all information can be centralized. The consolidation of information from front office to back office improves cooperation between employees, suppliers and customers. When everything is online, companies can expand their potential markets while reducing costs. By having better information, they can make better decisions.

Before the acquisition by Oracle Corporation, PeopleSoft was the second largest developer of enterprise applications worldwide, with 11,000 customers across 150 countries. With 2.8 billion dollars in revenue for 2004 and $ 1.6 billion in cash and investments, PeopleSoft progressed to strong growth.

PeopleSoft was the undisputed leader in applications of human capital management (HCM) software and manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), property management, analysis, financial management, supplier relationship management (RS), distribution and asset management.

PeopleSoft was also leading in 12 sectors including financial services, telecommunications, recruitment, higher education, manufacturing and distribution, government, real estate and consumer products. Through this acquisition, Oracle acquired the software division of a business management in a critical size that was necessary for its growth ambitions. A skilful fusion may allow a real development of the company in this market locally and globally.

Following the merger, Oracle will have to adapt, to satisfy the customers of both companies. One of the key to the success of this merger will undoubtedly be an effective management of staff.

Indeed, Oracle employs 42,000 people, and People Soft 12 000.First, the company has already announced, the merger will lead to layoffs at all levels. More than 6,000 positions will be eliminated globally.

Within the group Oracle, the social issues are huge: in fact, as is mentioned, one speaks of the removal of 10% of the workforce. In France, after the social world class seemed uncertain at the time the merger idea began to spread within the company.

Context of merger is always conducive to the fears of employees who need more than ever to be kept informed of any developments regarding the establishment of a social plan.

As will be seen later, the unions have acted as an organ of internal communication, as employees of Oracle France were poorly informed by their management. In human resources, the precision in strategy but also in vocabulary is required. For this some elements have to be redifined.

The human resource management can be defined as "an explicit and useful, even essential, when seeking to establish or bring about change", as specified in the manual Human Resource Management by Messieurs and Madame Pigeyre Cadin and Guerin.

There are certain changes that are more important for a business to achieve a successful merger in accordance with the views of all partners of the company.

This policy must mobilize knowledge varied, useful and necessary for players to grasp, understand, negotiate and try to solve problems related to issues such as mergers and acquisitions.

Tags : Oracle-acquisition of PeopleSoft, analysis of the acquisition, key benefit of this merger

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