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Are the French rail strikes ethical?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Dilemma description.
  3. Stakeholder map.
  4. Ethical discussion.
  5. Personal view.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

What are ethics? The definition of the dictionary is the following: ?a set of principles of right conduct?. It is linked to morality too. We can find this concept in a lot of aspects of life. It touches the social environment. A good person is someone who follows an ethical and moral conduct. It is a sort of respect towards everyone and the group community. But ethics don't concern only people. Indeed, they concern states, organizations and companies. Ethics play an important part in decision making for companies. There are lots of examples to illustrate an unethical activity of companies. Indeed, some big companies are often criticized concerning their practice. They make their products in Asian countries, where labor costs are very low and where children can work. After that, they sell those products in Western countries at a very high price because of the brand image. By citing this example, I precisely think about one big US company: Nike which did these practices. Indeed, Nike violated local labor laws by maltreating employees and sweatshop conditions in its Asian factories.

[...] What are the reasons of such a strike? The context is very complicated. It has a national, social and political dimension. The core subject of these protests is the reform of the specific retirements' system announced by the French work Minister, Mr. Xavier Bertrand. This special pensions plan concerns more than workers and 1.1 million pensioned people. It concerns SNCF, RATP, EDF-GDF workers and other workers of different activities. But when we talk about special pension plan, people think first about SNCF workers. [...]

[...] I Dilemma Description am I going to go working tomorrow?? This is a question, which many French people asked themselves on the last 18th of October and 14th of November, because of the French rail strike. The situation was really important and had a lot of impacts for everyone. Employees of rail transport industry decided to go on strike and in particularly employees of SNCF (French National Rail Company), which is a French public enterprise, and employees of RATP, which provide transport services in Paris including underground railways. [...]

[...] But they are not the only employees, who work in these conditions. Indeed, we can take the example of factory workers. They work trough the three eight time system in a very cold atmosphere sometimes (food industry) and they follow the general retirement system. So some people think that it is not fair that employees of the special pension plan have more advantages. According to a BVA survey of the public opinion think this strike is not justified think it is justified and have no opinion. [...]

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