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Australian Assimilation And The Impact on Aboriginal Health: A Critical Analysis

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  1. Australia and its Indigenous Society.
  2. The Intent of the Australian Assimilation.
  3. Aboriginal Health-Past and Present.
  4. Education.
  5. Unemployment.
  6. Lack of Education.
  7. Housing and Infrastructure.
  8. Culturally Safe Nursing.
  9. Conclusion.

Australia is one of the world's most culturally diverse societies and it is commonly assumed that the country offers free and fair opportunities to all its inhabitants. However, on close observation it is clearly evident that the country's indigenous population is at a social and economic disadvantage when compared to their non-indigenous counterparts and as a consequence the present aboriginal health is in a grave situation. The purpose of this report is to critically analyze the effect of the Australian assimilation policy on the current health status of the aboriginals through various factors such as education, unemployment and housing.

[...] The health of aboriginals needs to be improved and a nurse would play an important role in doing so. However, they need to be aware of their own prejudices and prevent these from interfering in the delivery of health care. Care should be taken to preserve the cultural identity of the aboriginals intact. Culturally safe treatment of the health problems of the aboriginals would facilitate improving their health status drastically. List of References: Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council 2008, Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council, viewed 20 April 2008, . [...]

[...] The policy of assimilation and the events after that have had a serious impact on the mental, physical and social health of the aboriginals. Aboriginal health has been one of the major problems faced by Australian governments and it has reached a stage where it can't be ignored. The medical fraternity especially the health workers and the registered nurses should now assume a significant role in the treatment and welfare of the aboriginals. It has always been the requisite of a nurse to offer culturally safe nursing care. [...]

[...] However, the assimilation policy has had a severe impact on the education and subsequently the health of the aboriginals. From the time the Europeans migrated into the country aboriginal culture and education has been given a step motherly treatment. Till the year 1972 schools refused admissions to aboriginal children if any objections were raised by the white settlers and according to the Board of National Education it was ?impracticable to attempt to provide any form of education for the children of the blacks? (Education Fact Sheet 2007). [...]

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