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Case study: Cirque Du Soleil

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  1. Introduction
  2. Cirque Du Soleil
  3. HR practices related to creativity
  4. Conclusion

Cirque Du Soleil doesn't talk about product, but ?artistic works?. The main artistic works that the company delivers is circus shows without animals all over the world. They offer a luxury service. They perform 375 shows a year and the large variety of shows make their ?product? unique every single time with dancers, acrobats, clowns There are several shows at the same time at different places across the world, with the principle of the three years cycle. Shows are modern, original and special with lights, music, and a good organization.

Cirque du Soleil grew up rapidly and is now a huge worldwide group. The headquarters of the company is located in Montreal. The strategy of the company is focused on artistes. They create an environment to enhance creativity and they will never compromise creativity.

Artists comes from every parts of the world, they are at the center of the strategy. One of the Cirque du Soleil's strengths come from cultural differences. The company delivers high standards and values, such as creativity, learning, performance, multicultural acceptance, diversity, engagement, adaptability? There is interdependence between all members of the company, they all work together in the same direction, and they have the sense of community and family.

[...] It requires a lot of time and money. The recruiting personnel have to be reactive; and they should be able to move across the world. The recruitment play a key role as the firm hires people with a lot of motivation, people looking for a new kind of experience, capable to learn and be flexible. They constantly seek to improve the engagement of artists by many ways, and they seek synergy. Management: The Company focuses on artist and it is not so easy. [...]

[...] It should be a serious preoccupation. ? Group activity meetings and group discussions CDS is a family. People need to behave together. Everyone is linked to one other. By creating and enabling group discussion, group activity etc people will develop links, and it will help to reduce the turnover. ? Develop rules and an idea book with testimonies Employees have certain questions in their mind and managers must consult and answer to those questions in a week. Rules would be clearly stated, with different topic, such as assessment information, how it works? [...]

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