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Child labor in the clothing industry

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The cool casual company - CCC.
  3. CCC and corporate social responsibility.
    1. The international labour organization & legal age.
    2. Types of child labour.
  4. Industry trends & Nike.
    1. The global alliance.
  5. The Pakistan environment.
    1. Pakistan labour statistics.
  6. Recommendations.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Bibliography.

The world is becoming more and more interconnected and firms are facing evolving challenges. With the increased globalization, companies are competing not only within their national borders but also against multinational companies. This heightens the pressure stressed on all the businesses to reduce their costs and increase their competitiveness. Large multinational companies (MNCs) turn their attention towards the developing countries to deliver their production in a more cost effective way. MNCs have established wholly owned subsidiaries in China, Indonesia and other parts of South-East Asia and outsourced certain elements of the supply chain to countries like India and to Pakistan. Coupled with globalization is the growing number of issues occurring with MNCs utilizing the child labor market in the developing countries. Most international organizations, such as the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) (Levi Strauss, 2007) are mostly concerned about long working hours, minimal wages and child labor.

[...] In Pakistan, the program aims at preventing and eliminating the child labour in the clothing industry but also labour in the stitching of footballs. The used method is to place and monitor children in educational facilities (Kari Tapiola, 2003). However, Kari Tapiola, the Executive Director of the International Labour Organization, argued ?given that the industry will continue to be influenced by global competition trends, it should be natural that individual companies will continue to search for competitive advantage through the observation of fundamental principles and rights at work? Types of child labour It is important to note that identifying child labour is not as simple, as there are various types of child labour (Bachman, 2000): DIRECT: A firm or enterprise employs children directly. [...]

[...] When referring to culture in case of Pakistan, it is inevitable to mention the impact of Islam, the religion in Pakistan, which shapes the norms and values. These underpin the traditions embracing high obedience to hierarchy, gender differentiation in administrative roles, nepotism, corruption, giving importance to warmly welcoming guests (Islam, 2004; Black, C., 2003). On one hand, those in the Middle East are high context, indirect communicators. On the other hand, Australians' correspondences are low contextual, personal and direct (Hall, 1976; Hall and Hall, 1997). [...]

[...] CCC is concerned about the well-being of our employee and therefore we have established the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) culture in our organisation. Our core values are creativity, care, and reliability. These are also reflected in our vision and mission statements. We focus on achieving quality in everything we do. CCC will market and offer attractive and widely worn apparel that characterises quality, style and function CCC and corporate social responsibility Our company, CCC, implemented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to motivate our employees, to increase productivity, to keep our costumers and business partners satisfied and to meet labour requirements, legislation more easily. [...]

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