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Different strategies to secure employees' loyalty

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  1. Before establishing loyalty strategies
  2. The different loyalty strategies
    1. The payment strategy
    2. Career evolution and development of competences
    3. A pleasant working environment
  3. Specific cases of companies

As an introduction to this subject, we can emphasize on idea of 'a job for a life'. It doesn't exist anymore in the modern days. In fact, securing employees loyalty is an essential priority of companies. It allows the company to be competitive. There are many means to secure the employees loyalty. Firstly, we will explain the things that should be done before establishing a loyalty strategy. Next, we'll examine examples of different strategies to secure loyalty. Finally, we'll take the case of two companies which have developed Quick and AFD Technologies. Managers have to listen to the employees in a company. They have to get information from the employees and to report it to the HRM in order to constantly improve working conditions. They also have to communicate with the HRM on the needs, performance, evolution, problems and suggestions from employees who are under their responsibility.

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