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Discrimination in the working place

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  1. The reality on the field in france
    1. Figure
    2. Cases of the public sector and the private sector
    3. The law in France
  2. The case of the united states
    1. Law in the United States and the legal framework
    2. Figures
  3. Effects of discrimination and possibilities to fight against
    1. Indirect effects of discrimination
    2. What are the possibilities to overcome?
    3. Prevention

This document studies the existence of discrimination, especially racial discrimination, in working places in France as it is in America. In the first part, I will explain the ground reality in France regarding discrimination at work, and in the second part, I will describe the American situation. Finally, I will discuss the effects of discrimination on victims and detail methods in which they can fight against it.

[...] A good example of double discrimination in the workplace could be about the women police officers in the United States and especially about black women. The question of discrimination is central. The presence of discrimination in the workplace is identified by almost all black women officers and half of the white women. Moreover, most agreed that the discrimination within the department exists on two levels: gender and race. But 29 percent of white women feel that black women have a more difficult time than women who are white and feel that they have less respect. [...]

[...] The 114 is a free phone number for victims and witnesses of racial discrimination 1.1 The operational function of management in make by the GELD and calling are managed by the CODAC. In the United States, it exists less official organizations, which can help victims or witnesses. Lot of American trust laws framework. That's why, the EEOC is the most common way is this country because it is directly attached to the justice framework and to the government. Charges may be filed in person, by mail or by telephone by contaacting an EEOC office. [...]

[...] In following examples, we only deal with racial discrimination during the hiring phase. The French government, insisting on a color-blind policy, but refuses even to collect data on racial and ethnic backgrounds, which makes it difficult to attack discrimination, even though nearly everyone agrees it is prevalent. In a study last year to test employment discrimination, University of Paris researchers sent out ?résumés? from fictitious job applicants to more than 200 French employers. A ?résumé? with a classic French name received more than five times as many positive responses as one with a North African name, though both listed identical qualifications. [...]

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