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Discrimination at the time of recruitment - assistance for recruitment at Manpower

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  1. Introduction
  2. SWOT analysis
  3. BCG Matrix
  4. Spotlight: Real Estate
  5. Cow milk: Colas
  6. Dilemma: Bouygues Telecom and Construction
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  9. Conclusion

In the literary sense of the word, "discriminate" is the act of separating two or more things without having any negative connotation. The plain meaning of this pejorative word is based on a prior prejudice.

Discrimination is unequal treatment based on grounds prohibited by law, such as origin, sex, disability, etc. in areas covered by law such as employment, housing, education, and so on. There are 18 criteria of discrimination that are prohibited by law: age, sex, origin, family status, sexual orientation, morality, genetic characteristics, real or supposed membership of an ethnic group, nation, race, physical appearance, disability, health, pregnancy, family name, political opinions, religious beliefs, and trade union activities. Any discriminatory conduct is not unlawful discrimination.

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish discrimination from a selection criterion. Inequality or a criterion of selection, compensation, transfer that is not prohibited by law, creates an unfair situation, but that cannot be dealt with under the legal regime of discrimination because it is justified.

The management of diversity has emerged in the field of human resources as a flagship concept, particularly in recruitment. Although France still lags behind on these particular issues vis-à-vis its neighbors, a willingness to put in place policies to manage diversity is currently engaged and different ways to fight against discrimination is put in place within the French companies.

A company like Manpower is regularly confronted with this selection due to the requirement of customers who are unaware that a selective demand is unjustified, and they are in contradiction with the law. To fight against discrimination of any kind, Manpower has signed the "Charter of Diversity" for the social, ethnic and cultural diversity within its organization and has created a "level playing field" that allows access to employment for all categories of people.

Manpower has made the fight against discrimination its objective and priority in choosing to promote cultural pluralism and ethnic goals. Nevertheless, each one may have to practice a form of discrimination sometimes without even realizing it. It is therefore important to educate each employee and employer on this fragile issue in the case discrimination in selection.

Founded in 1948 in Milwaukee (USA) by A. Scheinfeld and E.Winter, Manpower Incorporated is a company specializing in the areas of the interim and recruitment.
In 1957, Manpower France was created by Michael Grunelius that opened the first French agency in the 17th district.
The first steps of Manpower France mainly concern the service sector jobs such as secretarial and accounting.
In 1960 the company opened its first agency , which was entirely new in France.
Manpower is very sharp in the field of social innovation and is the first company to introduce the weekly payroll for temporary staff and it is also the first to introduce the "premium end of mission" and the right to leave within the first hour payable at the end of the mission.

Manpower continues to innovate by engaging in advertising campaigns and creating its website allowing the interim to always be linked to the company. They in turn can keep abreast of company news and access the jobs advertised through agencies.

Tags: Manpower Incorporated, discrimination at recruitment process, assistance for recruitment

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