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HR plan for a hypothetical service business

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Individual Skills and Abilities.
  4. Developing a Requirement's Plan.
  5. Evaluation of Skills and Educational Level for Each Position.
  6. Salary Financial Report.
  7. Recruiting Program.
  8. Personnel Selection.
  9. Employment Paperwork Required.
  10. Laws Impacting the Organization.
  11. Benefits Offered.
  12. Appendix.

The development of new business requires consideration of a wide range of issues. While most business owners are quick to note the importance of financing when it comes to starting a small business, few consider the specific human resource requirements that are important to the organization's success. With the realization the human resource requirements are often overlooked by the organization, this investigation considers the development of a human resource selection plan for a hypothetical service business, Sally's Hair Salon. By examining the overall human resource issues that are critical to the organization, it is possible to demonstrate the complexity of managing human resources in the small business. This investigation provides a review of the staffing that will be needed for this organization as well as a review of pertinent laws that apply to the business and methods for recruiting and hiring.

[...] Appendix Standard Application Form for Sally's Hair Salon LAST name FIRST name Middle Date of application: Month Day Year Date on which you can start work: Month Day Year Contact information: Street or route City State and ZIP Code Home phone number Alternative phone number e-mail address Position for which you are applying: If hired, can you furnish proof that you are eligible to work in the United States? Yes No Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes No If yes, please explain: Education history School, city, and Date Date Did you Degree Field of state starte finishe graduate receive study d d ? [...]

[...] In these cases, the number of specialized staff needed for the organization can be reduced, as hairstylists can perform a number of roles in the organization (Pierce, 2005). Pierce goes on to note that the receptionist fulfills the second most important role in the organization. This individual serves as the customer's first and last point of contact for the organization. Pierce notes that this individual should answer the phone, take appointments, cash customers out, and provide customers and employees with assistance when needed?i.e. [...]

[...] Licensure for Business Most states also require that businesses offering cosmetology services obtain a license from the state. Data courtesy of Morgan (2006) and Sanders (2006) Benefits Offered As outlined in Table employees working full-time for the organization will be granted benefits. Part-time employees will not be offered benefits. Overall, base salary for the employee will amount to 65 percent of the annual salary. The remaining 35 percent of the salary will be provided to employees in the form of benefits. [...]

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