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Human Resources Management in Europe

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  1. Strategy & HR planning in Europe
  2. The humanistic tradition oriented on the development
  3. Realignment of perspectives: from the ''personnel management'' to ''human resources management''?
  4. Human resources development and competence development
  5. Learning organizations
  6. HRD in Europe
  7. European and humanist Human resource development focus on the development
  8. A different human resources strategy : the utilitarian and instrumentalist approach
  9. Future direction of Human resource development in Europe

The term 'human resource development' (HRD) refers to educational activities, training and development related to work life. It is often used in a broad sense to encompass all learning activities related to work, it further identifies the development and learning activities of people who work and have completed their basic training. The HRD, however, far from being an isolated concept is derived from the theories of 'human resource management or HRM'. Over the last fifteen years, European companies have revised their attitude towards the organization of work in order to respond to radical changes occurring in commercial environments, both global and European. These challenges have been described in numerous reports, but to remember them, we will briefly summarize four major factors of change in this paper.

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