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Human resources and recruitment

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  1. Introduction
  2. Curriculum and its different steps or trends
  3. The anonymous curriculum
    1. The anonymous curriculum principle
    2. Advantages: A tool for interpersonal equality treatment
    3. Drawbacks: Vision of discrimination fighting
  4. Social network within the recruitment process
    1. What kind of information could a recruiter find out?
    2. Potential legal issues
    3. How to control better our own profile
  5. Religion in the recruitment process
    1. In the face of religious claims, HRD are subject to themselves
    2. How to manage the problem of religious during recruitment?
  6. Conclusion

Privacy could be defined as ?the freedom to selectively reveal one's self? (CSO Magazine, Logan Roots). Today, we may be frustrated by all the existing instruments created to collect those private pieces of information that most of the time we released by ourselves. As future graduates, we will soon have to pass through several job interviews and  we should be prepared to face any ?tricky? questions regarding our privacy. We thought that it would be interesting to question ourselves on these issues.Is private information now part of the hiring process? Are we facing innovations or human rights abuses? What are the trends? We will try to give some answers to these questions with this study. We chose to present three topics strongly related to the  problem  discussed here. In the first part, we will present the current Curriculum Vitae's perspectives and see how this recruitment tool is nowadays evolving brand new HR practice.Then, it seems important to question the increasing use of social networks and internet within the staffing process. Thus, we will spot what the stakes are for the future job applicants we are. Finally this study will focus on a very topical issue, that is, the HR management of  religious beliefs. 

[...] That's why, research by social networks and direct approach on websites are increasingly used and escape selection on the basis of a CV III. SOCIAL NETWORK AND TIC WITHIN THE RECRUIMENT PROCESS We are definitely the ?social networking and internet? generation but there is a gap between those who are worrying about this ?exhibitionism? trend and those (especially the young) who want to exploit all the possibilities offered by ?Youtube, Facebook or Google? with too much naivety. The point is that all the private information collected on these online communities is also reachable by the future employers. [...]

[...] Creating their web professional profile, exposing their projects and portfolio, young people could take advantage of these advertising devices to build professional contacts. There are advantages for young adults; firstly these services are free and it many companies are creating their firm's profile to connect with potential recruits. Convinced by these statements, issued some recommendations for job seekers: Remove pictures, content and links that can send the wrong message to potential employers. Update social networking profiles regularly to highlight latest accomplishments. [...]

[...] For the firm, all the recruitment process needs review. This quickly becomes unmanageable. It is impossible to ask the candidate's religion because it is morally difficult but it is especially discriminatory therefore illegal. Moreover a person of Jewish faith is not necessarily practicing, so not be able work on Saturday. In this case the better question to solve the problem would be "Are you ready to accept work on Saturday? It is important to note that the candidate is free to answer what he wants. [...]

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