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Individual behavior in an organization

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  1. Introduction.
  2. People differences.
    1. Individual differences.
    2. Personality's differences.
    3. Motivation.
  3. Organization al behavior analysis.
    1. Leadership.
    2. Function.
    3. Difficulties.
    4. Team.
    5. How to be a successful team?
  4. Conclusion.
  5. References.

Individual behavior is dependent upon whether a person is in a group or not. Individuals act differently in accordance with their situation. A group is composed of a minimum of two people. There are Two types of groups that have been identified by Stephen P. Robbin (1996) - a formal and an informal group. The formal one is one in which the people's behavior is identified by the organization through assignments for example and the informal one has nothing at all to do with the organization and is not structured. The leadership concept has become increasingly important over the years for an organization . Consequently, psychology's basis requires some update in order to identify more effectively the transformations within an organization - especially the ones affected by globalization. This is why when it comes to human conflicts leadership is regularly questioned. Obviously those questions are not new. However the context makes them more relevant.

[...] This is for this reason, like we say before, human resources have a paramount importance when they hire somebody, how they manage the conflicts and they make sure that personalities correspond to the culture of the enterprise Conclusion This paper has provided an overview of an individual's behavior within an organization based on theories and diverse concepts. Leaders and followers, as it is explained in the second part, face different problems. Individuals, as a result, have to adapt themselves according to their position in the organization . [...]

[...] Firstly, forecasting and understanding individual behavior might be useful to people who need to deal with other people in organization . Secondly, as attitude can influence individuals' roles in an organization , it is important to take job satisfaction into consideration. By carefully matching people's personality with intellectual abilities regarding a job poor performance or stress can be avoided. Basically this part is about individual differences regarding personality and intelligence. However more factors can be investigated like cultural differences, attitudes differences or perception differences Personality's differences To introduce this part, the following definition of the word referring to personality traits, is given by Fincham R. [...]

[...] According to (Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, 1986), efficient leaders became people who are good listeners rather than asking questions Team Function In an organization people are frequently brought in to work as a team rather than to do individual work. According to Marks and al (2001) a team is ?members' interdependent acts that convert inputs to outcomes through cognitive, verbal, and behavioral activities directed toward organizing task work to achieve collective goals However teams or groups can easily affect individual behavior. [...]

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