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Management of international human resources: Coca Cola

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Managing diversity in Coca-Cola.
    1. Actual context of diversity.
    2. Definition of 'managing diversity'.
    3. Theories.
    4. The way that Coca-Cola manages diversity.
    5. Conclusion.
  3. Employee relations in Coca-Cola.
    1. General statement in C.C.E.
    2. Definition of 'employee relations'.
    3. Theories of employee relations in an international context.
    4. Employee relations/unions in Coca Cola.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Bibliography.

According to Armstrong in 2006 "International human resource management is the process of employing, developing and rewarding people in global organisations". However, nowadays, one of the most complex challenges for a MNC, across the globe, is the management of human resources because of diversity, culture, belief Furthermore, firms with international operations can only be successful in their business with an effective HRM function which needs to have a culturally sensitive programme and international manager can also be an advantage.
This report deals with two Human Resource issues across the globe; the first one is how managing the diversity in a global firm? With the example of Coca-Cola The second one is employee relations in Coca-Cola across the globe. With the actual phenomenon of globalization across the globe, we can notice a sort of worldwide competition between each country. In fact, new technology and communication permit everywhere to increase the potential (educational or skills) of every employee from all racial, nationality or ethnic origins.

[...] Thus, he travels around the world in order to understand better the different worker relations and to dictate or to implement orders which are compatible with the FMN Employee relations/unions in Coca Cola Unfortunately for the FMN, all across the global many employee unions complained about the leader of soft drinks. a. Issues in Columbia Coca-Cola is accused in Colombia of violation of the human rights and of being the financier of 8 murders, several kidnappings, and movement of strengths, false testimony and threats against the workers to obliterate the labour union. [...]

[...] George Gourlay, vice president of corporate manufacturing operations for Coca-Cola Company: see ?language study as opening the door to deeper cultural understanding' Conclusion About Coca-Cola According to a corporate manager of Coca-Cola; ?Understanding how to function in different cultures and different languages is fundamental to our success?. Consequently, they have to be diverse and to manage it effectively! They try it with Liff's approach with the accommodating and utilising difference. This multicultural company follows numerous ways to manage diversity; the company makes sensitive the entire staff in the advantages of the diversity. They recruit in the diversity thanks to bilingual persons. They also, estimate the management of diversity during the annual conversations and most of all they communicate about diversity. [...]

[...] Generally speaking Coca-Cola has an excellent business philosophy to the management of diversity. In Global The management of the variety must be seen as the capacity of a company to spread all the potential of a heterogeneous workforce, in a working environment which excludes no one (Milkovich and Boudreau, in 1994). Besides, the North American companies as Coca-Cola increasing the multicultural character of their environment, as well in the international as on their domestic market. They began to diversify their workforce to answer better the specific needs of the customers. [...]

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