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Managing employees' career

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The need to manage employees careers.
  3. The career management process.
  4. The career development support methods.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

According to Johnson and Scholes (2002: 419) ?The most important resource in an organization is its people. So the role they play, how they play, how they interact through formal and informal processes and the relationships they build are crucial to the success of strategy?. Human Resource Management (HRM) is ?an intervening process aimed at continuously establishing an optimal fit or match between people and their employing organizations? (Swanepoel et al. 2003: 15). It is a well known fact that the main role of a human resource department is to ensure the recruitment, selection, training, development and retention of employees for the well being of the organisation. However, HRM is not restricted to this mission. Many organizations face the problem of achieving optimum output from staff mainly because management fails to recognize the importance of employees' career management. Employees (both old and new) need guidance and development towards training and other developmental structures.

[...] & Chiron, R.J The evaluation interview. NYC: McGraw- Hill Publishing Company. Greenhaus, JH, Callanan, GA & Godshalk Career Management. NYC: Harcourt College Publishers. Hall, DT & Mervis, PH Careers as lifelong learning. In The changing Nature of Work, San Fransisco: Jossey Bass Publishers. Hill, SK & Bahniuk, M Promoting career success through mentoring. In Review Business, 4-7. Johnson, G. & Scholes, K Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases. 6th ed. London: Prentice Hall. Kanter, RM When Giants Learn to Dance. [...]

[...] This step is the last one of the career management cycle The career development support methods Although employees are primarily in charge of their career planning, the organisation's management have to do great deal to support employees in managing their careers and in making more realistic career decisions? (Swanepoel et al. 2003: 413). According to Swanepoel et al. (2003: 414), some methods can be used in order to support career development: Career planning workshops: they are used by organisations in order to obtain information regarding the individual assessment, the environmental assessment. [...]

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