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McDonald's: impact of physical evidence and servicescapes on customer perceptions and employees' behaviour

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  1. Impact of Physical Evidence and servicescapes on customers' perceptions
    1. Servicescapes: Package. Yes, facilitator. Yes; Differentiator. When necessary; Socializer. Not really?
    2. Physical Evidence: a tool used to alter customers ideas on McDonald's. Use fresher perceptions (environment friendly, healthy food) to change preconceived ideas
  2. Impact of Physical Evidence and servicescape on employee behaviour
    1. Impact of Servicescape on employee behaviour
    2. Impact of Physical Evidence

"Explain the impact of physical evidence and servicescapes on customer perceptions and employees' behavior within the service sector. Provide relevant service sector examples." McDonald's is an interpersonal service company, in Bitner's categorization, which highly resorts to physical differentiation and visual effects. Hotel, restaurants, and bank servicescapes are dedicated to the interaction between customers and employees. Their perceptions and behavior on this environment are influenced by servicescapes, which act as an interactions facilitator, and leads to greater performance. To some extent, fast food restaurants also refer to the class of ?self service', since websites, self service entertainment activities, and the minimized interaction between customers and employees, are massively used. Direct customer targeting and convenience determine attractiveness, customers' perceptions and therefore, customers' actions.

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