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Organization, people and changes

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  1. Changes and consequences
    1. The complexity of change
    2. Being able to anticipate
  2. Set up
    1. Moving step by step
    2. The communication process and its importance
  3. What is the real change?
    1. Preparing change
    2. Leverage and strategical change
    3. A new role for the Human Resources Manager
  4. Could we really actively manage and control the change process?

The debate about change is a complex one because it not only affects the organization's internal elements; it is also affects the external elements on the whole. And because the companies purposes are various, it could be nevertheless conflicting. Within this case, if we hope dealing with it as a whole, its interactions introduce thus, the change complexity. If the change processes which dominated between the 1950s and the end of the 1990s were more progressive than a transitional process, those were just considererd as details and thus managed. Today, essays, publications and reports are numerous and try to conduct this change process as well as it can, consciously, and actively. To accept to change, it is fundamental to understand that it may not be necessary to question its personal values. Questions might strike a blow to the inner confidence of each individual. Then how is it possible to adopt more effective methods to face the context without losing this confidence?

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