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The challenges facing international organisations in implementing an effective expatriation strategy

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  1. The Selection and recrutment
    1. Criteria to select the best!
    2. Organizational Behaviour to select expatriate
  2. The Reward and Package
    1. The Financial benefit
    2. The non-monetary benefit
    3. Ranking by the Hubson Survey

Since the Sherman Antitrust Act (1890) was passed in the United States, regulating the competitiveness on US territory, American companies were forced to develop themselves in other countries. This was the beginning of the globalization of the economy. The companies had to find other profits/resources abroad and to send employees to set up and control new subsidiaries in foreign countries. Thus expatriation became a key factor of the economy development of the US, Netherlands, UK and Germany. Personal management and personal strategy thus became an important part of the company's organization and strategy. With more and more companies choosing to go global, Personnel strategy and good management of the international human resources have become important nowadays.

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