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Women face greater challenges than men in their attempts to climb to the top of the corporate ladder

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Different experiences of work for men and women.
  3. The relations between men and women.
  4. The idea that men should be entitled to the same flexible working opportunities as women.
  5. Basis for the developmental perspective.
  6. Women's career development.
  7. Early work in vocational psychology and choice.
  8. Career issue in women's life.
  9. Conclsuion.
  10. Bibliography.

Women m?ke up close to ? h?lf p?rt of the U.K. workforce, ?nd this proportion is likely to grow. Working women ?re ? diverse group (e.g., White women, minorities, women with children, immigrants, older workers) with widely v?rying needs, v?lues, experiences, ?nd expect?tions. However, working women sh?re ? common bond in th?t, until recently, the world of work w?s prim?rily oriented tow?rd men. Historic?lly, women have been segreg?ted into jobs th?t provided very limited ?ccess to the top levels of org?niz?tions, ?nd this segreg?tion persists in m?ny sectors of the economy. More recently, however, there h?s been ?n influx of women into non-tr?dition?l, higher st?tus occup?tions, ?nd it ?ppe?rs th?t tr?dition?l p?tterns of occup?tion?l segreg?tion m?y be slowly ch?nging. It is considered, th?t women f?ce ? gre?ter ch?llenge th?n men in their ?ttempts to climb top of the corpor?te l?dder. This suggestion h?s been m?de due to historic?l ch?nges th?t took pl?ce in the distribution of gender workforce ?nd will be discussed l?ter in this p?per.

[...] (1987). "Introduction: Women's careers are important and different". In B. A. Gutek & L. Larwood (Eds.), Women's career development (pp. 7-14). Newbury Park, CA: Sage Larwood L., & Gutek B. A. ( 2001). "Working toward a theory of women's career development." In B. A. Gutek & L. Larwood (Eds.), Women's career development (pp. 170-183). Newbury Park, CA: Sage Davidson M. J., & Cooper C. L. (2002). Shattering the glass ceiling: The woman manager. London: Chapman Brooks L. [...]

[...] In the City of London tod?y, for ex?mple, some highly p?id expect?nt mothers ?ttempt to time their bonus p?yments so th?t they f?ll within the reference period used to c?lcul?te m?ternity p?y entitlements. If they m?n?ge to win ? bonus between 18 ?nd 26 weeks before their expected birth d?te, they c?n receive m?ternity p?y ?mounting to much more th?n they e?rn norm?lly ?nd with the ?pprov?l of the Inl?nd Revenue. How much of this ch?nge is due to the l?w, ?nd how much would h?ve h?ppened ?nyw?y bec?use of economic ?nd l?bour m?rket pressures? [...]

[...] But ?lthough the g?p between s?l?ries p?id to men ?nd women in full-time work h?s closed, in other ?re?s progress h?s been f?r slower, ?nd in some c?ses negligible. ?ccording to Jenny W?tson, the new ch?ir of the Equ?l Opportunities Commission 'some issues, like unequ?l p?y ?nd sexu?l h?r?ssment, rem?in f?r too common'. Women working p?rt time tod?y e?rn ne?rly 38.4 per cent less th?n men performing equiv?lent work. In 1975 the figure w?s 42 per cent. For full- time workers the g?p is 17.2 per cent comp?red to 42 per cent 30 ye?rs ?go. [...]

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