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Work conditions, stress and motivation

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  1. Analysis and presentation of the specific profile of the company and establishment of key strategic objectives of the company for international expansion
    1. The Profile
    2. Main goals for international expansion
  2. Choice of selection criteria for countries that are most appropriate for the profile of our business and our strategic objectives.
    1. The cultural criterion
    2. The economic criterion
    3. The geographical criterion
    4. The legal context
  3. Application of the criteria chosen to compare the terms offered by the three countries, and choosing the best country for your project.
    1. The economy
    2. The geography
    3. The legal context
    4. The cultural criterion
  4. Choosing the best country
  5. Description of the profile chosen market against our strategic objectives
    1. The economy
    2. Legal Factor
    3. The Culture
    4. The geography
  6. Establishing the best market entry strategy
  7. Future Development Strategy
    1. Focused on customers
    2. Looking to the staff
    3. Oriented techniques and energy

Today, in many industrialized countries, there are more problems related to mental health. A person speaks of ill-being at work where one encounters work-related stress, burn-out, harassment, depression and even suicidal tendencies.

Therefore, more importance is attached to working conditions, due to media coverage and the many consequences that they imply. Working conditions are very important because they allow employees to feel good about their workplace and thus at the same time, help to obtain positive results in terms of productivity.

Hence, there is interest for employees to ensure that they feel the best at their positions. Conversely, if this is not the case, one will encounter the negative aspects of the workplace, a discomfort for the employee, stress and even suicidal tendencies at work. This is the subject that is increasingly recurring and is spoken about a lot lately. That is why employers must now ensure that employees do not feel stress at work and enhance their motivation for it (albeit with pay), and also especially use new techniques to motivate employees.

Working conditions are the environment in which employees live at their place of work. They include the difficulty and risks of the work andthe work environment (noise, heat, exposure to toxic substances, etc).

Factors related to working conditions are the Schedule; the pace of work; Principle and Reality of the prescription; physical constraints and risks; relationship with the hierarchy, colleagues and public.

According to 2005 figures, there were 56% of workers who suffered from physical strain. In fact working conditions can influence the well-being of an employee. Many surveys have been made to highlight the working conditions there may be mentioned the technical and labor organizations (TOTTO) survey emphasizing the organization's work schedules, etc..

In general, through a professional activity, working conditions mean the fact to find any satisfaction in the workplace be it positive or negative (such as fatigue which included as negative).

Conditions at work can have many implications, at the company. They can result in a malfunction of the company as employee absenteeism or ill-being of employees but also strikes (hence the existence of trade unions), etc..
One must consider here the impact of these conditions by the well-being (with the reasons for an employee) and ill-being (with the stress at work and the many suicides of business). While remaining in the field of human resources, one will see how HRD is facing all these events.

In France, the conditions at work are different from what one will encounter in foreign countries, because in France the emphasis is on health. One will find that the idea of stress is related to poor working conditions or alcohol or depression and on the contrary is it related to a lack or an absence of work.

Working conditions appear to have evolved in recent years, in fact there is an evolution of the early 20th century and early 21st century,including the disappearance of the tedious tasks and there is a progression in terms of health, safety and hygiene.

On the other hand, with the changing structure of work and also thanks to the progressive use of ICT information technology and communication: that is a new process combining the techniques that allow the transmission of information and is primarily through the Internet, computing and telecommunications in general, France has had repercussions on the organization of work.

Tags: Work conditions, stress and motivation

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