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A study conducted on executive perception towards organization environment in a firm

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  1. Introduction to marketing
  2. Key concepts of marketing
    1. Needs and wants
    2. Organizational concepts to carry out the marketing activity
    3. Product life cycle
  3. Industry profile
    1. History
    2. Growth
  4. Objectives of the study
  5. Data collection methods
  6. Data analysis and interpretation
  7. Findings
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

The origin of organization has been spontaneous. It came into existence in the early stages of human evolution when persons began to co-operate and combine together to achieve a common goal. A sound management is based on proper organizational structure, which is concerned with determining responsibility and assigning of authority to different superiors and establishing proper interrelationship among them for achieving the desired objectives. It has been rightly pointed out that an organization is not an end in itself; it is a means towards an end, i.e., the accomplishment of firm's goals.

Ralph C. Davis states that, a group of people who are co-operating under the direction of leadership for the accomplishment of a common end. Generally it has been called a system of communication, a means of problem solving, and a means of facilitating decision-making.

In the broadest sense it is clear that organizing is the process of determining the total activities to achieve a given objective, grouping and assigning of activities to individuals, delegating them authority necessary to perform the activities assigned and establishing authority relationship among different positions in the organization.

The need for an organization arises when two or more persons unite together to achieve some common objectives. This is because, it is only under such circumstance, it will be necessary to know who is to do what is to do what and how his activities are related to the activities of other persons.

The need of the organization arises when two or more persons are working together to perform a task, which no one of them can perform singly because of his physical, psychological and social limitations. Organization provides a structural framework of duties and responsibilities. It on the one hand, establishes authority relationships and, on the other, provides a system of communication. Good organization enables us to achieve ends that could not have been obtained, as efficiently or as effectively through our individual efforts. As a mater of fact, organization is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It is through organized effort that we accomplish things.

[...] It reveals that there is similarity in the perception of the haves on the variation in their education (Ref Table No:16) The relation co-efficient R = 0.834 shows a high positive relation between the variables monetary benefits and recognition and . (ref. Table. No.17) The relation co-efficient R = 0.816 shows a high positive relation between the variables training and education and scope for advancement (Ref. Table. No.18) The relation co-efficient 0.976 shows a high positive relation between the variables training and education and participative management (Ref. [...]

[...] Age Of The Respondents And Variables Of organization Climate Null Hypothesis: There is no similarity in perception of the employees based on the variation in age TABLE NO:13 Variables X Y XY advancement handling management rationality appreciation security education facilities X = Older group (age above Younger group (age below 35) n = Number of variable of = 251.78 = 243.11 = 571654 = 533570 Rd = R = 0.802 INFERENCE The correlation co-efficient Ra = 0.802 reveals that there is high positive relation between the executive of older group and younger group towards the variables of organizational climate. [...]

[...] Table No2) 50% of the executive who earn a monthly income below 12,000 shows the highest rating, strongly agree, towards the grievance handling mechanism in the company (Ref. Table. No 19% of executives who are U.G degree holders/ Diploma holders show less positive perception, the highest rating, strongly agree to the grievance handling mechanism in the company (Ref. Table. No. 30) of middle level executive of executive below executives who have an experience below 10 years executive who earn less than of executives who were P.G degree holders and e4xecutives who were U.G degree holders disagree that there exist a sound grievance handling procedure (Ref. [...]

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