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A survey on recruitment advertisements

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  1. Introduction
  2. Advertising mix factors
  3. Advertising budget
  4. Mudra Communications Pvt Ltd
    1. Values
    2. Services
    3. Public relations
    4. Activities of horizons
    5. Advertising archives
    6. Digital consultancy for brands
    7. Business referrals
  5. Organizational functions
  6. Associated companies
  7. The McKinsey 7S model
  8. Organizational structure
  9. Profile of the product
  10. Data collection, analysis and interpretation
  11. Summary findings
  12. Conclusion and suggestions
  13. Bibliography

Advertising is a phrase used for the announcements made by the seller to promote the sales of their products. Advertising refers to the mass selling techniques used when direct face to face selling is not possible or is too time consuming and expensive. It is different from propaganda, publicity and public relations. Advertising can be simple as the classified advertisements and are also complex depending on the media used. From the modest beginning in the ancient times advertising has become complex depending on media, as TV ads are not the same as the press ads. Crores of rupees are spent every year on advertising worldwide to help sales. USA leads the world in volume and creativity of advertising campaigns.

Advertising is a reflection of today's civilization and cultural ethos of different countries. Besides its value in increasing sales volumes, it is also used to improve the brand equity of the firm. Since the middle of the twentieth century, advertising has been effectively used for social causes and political campaigns. In India, advertising is being increasingly used for anti-drugs campaign, for containing the menace of Aids and ecological problems including pollution.

Advertising is mainly of two types, as mentioned earlier; one for increasing sales to the consumers and to the trade, and the other to build image of the firms, also known as Institutional Advertising. Other type of Advertising is for promoting business sales. One other category of advertising is the cooperative advertising, where the manufacturers and distribution channel members put joint campaigns sharing expenses.

American Marketing Association defines advertising as? any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor?.

The project concentrates on the Media-Press. Press relates to newspaper's ?English, Hindi and regional language magazines, in different languages, targeting various segments-cultural, religious, sports, fashion, films, wildlife, the list is a long one. The advertiser has to look for the right paper, magazines which are read by the target segment to ensure OTS (Opportunity to See). Many top executives have virtually no time to watch television and hence they get the news and other information from newspapers and business magazines. Marketers of products meant for this market segment effectively. Expensive cars, laptop computers and expensive dress materials could fall into this category.

[...] Graph 10: Graph indicating the number of companies those have got a contract with the advertisement agencies: SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: Capitalizing on specialized areas of recruitment advertisements is profitable to the newspaper publisher which implies that it would yield profit to the ad agency also. Most of the advertising agencies have established a contract with newspaper sector for advertising Recruitment advertisement business increases the sales of newspapers, this implies that recruitment advertisements are preferred by most of the customers . [...]

[...] On the basis of the data collected, Mag has developed some products, which are complied on a regular basis like the market overview, the market monitor and the Advertisement Scans. Digital Consultancy for Brands: Mudra Digital Consultancy: Mudra Interactive is the new media division of Mudra. Mudra interactive has many great plans for the future interactive develops for its clients world- class interactive marketing programs that help develop a stronger bond between brand and the consumer. Mudra's vast experience in marketing communications and media and exceptional understanding of the Indian consumer helps Interactive to achieve superb results. [...]

[...] The secondary data was used to calculate the resources employed by major clients in recruitment advertisements depending on the space occupied by the advertisements. Research instrument adopted for conducting survey: Marketing researchers have a choice of two main research instruments in collecting primary data through questionnaire. QUESTIONNAIRES: The questionnaire is by for the most common instrument in collecting the primary data. A questionnaire consists of a set of questions presented to the respondents for their answers. The questionnaire is very flexible in that there are many numbers of ways to ask questions. [...]

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