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An examination of the quality of work

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  1. Introduction
    1. Need for study or scope
    2. Objectives of the study
    3. Methodology
    4. Limitations
  2. Review of literature
    1. Introdction
    2. What is QWL?
    3. Definitions for quality of work life
  3. Criteria of measuring QWL
    1. Adequate and fair compensation
    2. Safe and healthy working conditions
    3. Opportunity to use and develop human capabilities
    4. Opportunity for career growth
    5. Social integration in the work force
    6. Constitutionalism in the work organization
    7. Work and quality of life
    8. Social relevance of work
  4. Specific issues in QWL
    1. Pay and stability of employment
    2. Occupational stress
    3. Organizational health programs
    4. Alternative work schedules
    5. Participative management and control of work
    6. Recognition
    7. Congenial worker supervisor relations
    8. Grievance procedure
    9. Adequacy of resources
    10. Seniority and merit in promotions
    11. Employment on permanent basis
  5. Strategies for improvement of QWL
    1. Self managed work teams
    2. Job redesign and enrichment
    3. Effective leadership and supervisory behavior
    4. Career development
    5. Alternative work schedules
    6. Job security
    7. Administrative or organizational justice
    8. Participative management
  6. Quality of work life as HR startegy: An analysis
    1. Strategy and tactics
    2. Men counted
    3. Money matters
    4. Non economic: 'Job Security'
    5. Teamwork
    6. Boss factor
    7. Involvement and communication
    8. Influences
  7. Quality of work life: The human implications
  8. The human factor in rewarding employees
  9. Balancing the work and life of your employees
    1. Shifts in societal patterns
    2. Technological breakthroughs
    3. New horizon of expectations
    4. Creating institutional support mechanisms
    5. Providing managerial support
    6. Practicing what you preach
    7. Sustain it
    8. Benefits of improving work life balance
    9. The benefits gained by organizations who have introduced flexible employment practices
    10. Universally adopted policies and practices of work life balance
  10. Data analysis and interpretation
  11. Findings and suggestions
    1. Findings
    2. Suggestions or recomendations
  12. Limitations
  13. Conclusion 
  14. Annexure
  15. Bibilography

Quality of work life is a process of organizations, which enables its members at all levels to participate actively and efficiently in shaping the organizations environment and out comes. It is a value based process which is aimed towards meeting the twin goals of enhanced effectiveness of organizations and improved quality of work life at work for employees. Several notable factors that influence quality of work life are adequate and fair compensation, safe and healthy working conditions, opportunities to use and develop human capabilities, opportunities for career growth, etc. QWL provides for the balanced relationship among work, non-work and family aspects of life. In other words, family life and social life should not be strained by working hours including over time work, work during inconvenient hours, business travels, transfers, vacations, etc

Good companies become great through a series of initiatives done consistently overtime. There are no shortcuts. It is pain full process, but they must be done to keep companies alive for tomorrow's challenges, not just for today's challenges?.

In 1983 in the first ever business world's most respected companies survey was conducted, companies were assessed on eight parameters quality of management, quality of products and services, innovativeness, financial soundness, ability to attract and retain talent, environmental responsibility, profitability and work place environment. The most obvious and commonly used metrics such as market share, market capitalization and turn over, were deliberately left out. The whole idea of having a survey such as this was to gauge how it peers, based mostly on criteria that went way beyond the numbers perceived a company. Over the years, the survey has been progressively refined, and now parameters added. None of the newer parameters (now there are 19) violate the original principle that this was meant to be a perception based survey.

Hence quantitative metrics such as profits, etc, are still eschewed, yet, what gets reiterated time and again is the respect in business is very much intertwined with market reality and performance.

[...] With the progressive shift of the economy towards a knowledge economy, the meaning and Importance of tile quality of work life is also assuming a new significance. The article details the factor$ that should be tuned to attain balance between work and life of an employee. You must have both love and work in your life to make you healthy. Don't you agree? Well, this is what Sigmund Freud had said decades ago for healthy workers. Family is an essential ingredient for the love that exists in the life of the employees. [...]

[...] SUGGESTIONS OR RECOMENDATIONS : Based on the analysis the suggestions and recommendations to this organization are not more because the quality of work life levels are satisfied by the employees in the organization but the small or few suggestions to organization to keep its best place in maintaining quality of work life are : After analyzing the data we come to know that the employers need to handle employers in such a way that the employees don't get frustrated with the stress and over burdened of the work The organization should decrease the stress levels of the employees and assign them with the work with less stress levels or must provide enough time to complete their work with out much stress. [...]

[...] In the present market economy the company is playing a crucial role in providing good/bad quality of work life to the employees. Every organization is required to evaluate performance and the quality of work life of their employees. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: For the survival and growth of every company quality of work life of employees is every important in the organization To find out the reasons for the state of the quality of work life in the company To study the profile of the company and its organizational Excellency To study concepts of quality of work life of employees in the organization To analyze the various ratios's of the quality of work life of employees To suggest the measures of improving the quality of work life in the organization. [...]

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