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Effectiveness of recruitment and selection process in Satyam

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  1. Company profile
  2. Corporate profile
    1. An end-to-end IT services provider
    2. Core values
    3. Organizational structure
    4. Customer philosophy
  3. Introduction to HRM
    1. Definitions
    2. Evolution and development of Human Resource Management (HRM)
    3. Objectives of Human Resource Management
    4. Scope of Human Resource Management
    5. Significance
    6. Characteristics
  4. Recruitment
    1. Theories of recruitment
    2. Objective factor theory
    3. Subjective factor theory
    4. Critical contact theory
    5. Objectives of recruitment
    6. Recruitment process
  5. Research objectives
    1. Main objectives of this study are
    2. Purpose
    3. Methodology
    4. Types of research
  6. Data analysis and interpretation
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

Satyam Computers Services Ltd., is a leading global consulting and IT services company that offers a wide array of solutions for a range of key verticals and horizontals. Starting from the strategy consulting right through to implementing IT solutions for clients, Satyam straddles this entire space. It has excellent domain competencies in verticals such as Automotive, Banking & Financial services, Insurance etc.

As a diverse end-to-end IT solutions provider, offers a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace, with the final objective of giving clients the competitive edge in the marketplace.

About 16,500 dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals at Satyam provide the entire gamut of solutions that begin from strategy consulting to implementing customized solutions for a wide range of verticals and horizontals.

The company's marketing network spans 45 countries across 6 continents. Satyam has strategic technology and marketing alliances with over 75 top-notch companies. This need driven deployment of domain and technology expertise brings to customers a range of solutions and products that enhance performance and competitiveness. We follow a specially developed Business Continuity Model (BCM), which allows us to continue mission critical operations of our clients even in the most challenging times.

[...] It is basis for analyzation and interpretation, which helps in making note of findings, conclusions and also helps to give suggestions. So data should be accurate, correct and clear .If it is inaccurate or not improper order the whole output gets affected and it may lead to confusion. Methodology The researcher as a wide variety of methods to consider, either singly or in combination. They can be grouped as: Primary source of data Secondary source of data For this dissertation the data was collected from both the sources. [...]

[...] TABLE Particulars No: of respondents Percentage Analysis: - From the above table we understood that the 40% of the respondents applied in Satyam through referrals of the respondents applied through internet, 20%associates came through consultant & remaining 10% came through news paper and campus interview. Inference: - From the analysis we can infer that the most widely used mode to apply for job is referrals, majority of the associates used that mode only. followed by Internet with 30%. These two modes are cheaper than other modes. [...]

[...] Recruitment policy Recruitment policy assesses the objectives of recruitment objectives and provides a framework of implementation of the recruitment program in the form of procedures. A good recruitment policy must contain these elements. Organization objectives- both short term and long term. Identification of recruitment needs. Preferred sources of recruitment, which would be tapped by the organization. Criteria of selection and preferences. Cost and financial implications of recruitment. Pre-requisites of a good recruitment policy The recruitment policy of an organization must satisfy the following conditions: a. [...]

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