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Understanding quality of work life

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  1. Introduction
    1. Quality of Work Life
    2. Objectives of study
    3. Methodology
    4. Data collection methods
  2. Review of literature
    1. Quality of Work Life
    2. Human resouce development
    3. Impact of QWL on productivity
    4. Barriers for Quality of Work Life
    5. Approaches to improve QWL
    6. Hours of work and QWL
    7. Alternative work arrangements
  3. Texas Instrument Malaysia (TIM)
  4. The role of the supervisor in QWL
  5. Key supervisory role
    1. Consideration
    2. Facilitation
  6. Data analysis and interpretation
  7. Findings and suggestions
  8. Limitation of the study
  9. Conclusions
  10. Annexure
  11. Bibliography

Human resource management is concerned with human beings, who are the energetic elements of management. The success of any organization or an enterprise will depend upon the ability, strength and motivation of the persons working in it. The Human Resource Management refers to the systematic approach to the problems in any organization. It is concerned with recruitment, selection, training and development of personnel. Human resource is the most important asset of an organization .Planning for human resource is an important managerial function. It ensures sufficient supply, proper quantity and quality as well as effective utilization of human resources .In order to meet human resources needs, an organization will have to plan in advance about the requirements and the sources, etc.

Employees at the grass- root level experience a sense of frustration because of low level of wages , poor working conditions, unfavorable terms of employment , in human treatment by their superiors and the like managerial personnel feel frustrated because of alienation over their conditions of employment , interpersonal conflicts, role conflicts, job pressure , lack of freedom in work, absence of challenging work etc .

Organizations in the past, gave more importance on advance technology for higher productivity surpassing the needs and mental state of its employees. This created a negative impact on the working environment among the employees. Quality of work life denotes all the organizational inputs , which aims at the employees satisfaction and enhancing organizational effectiveness . In the late 1950s the term quality of work life was used to stress the prevailing poor quality of life at work place and it was first defined and then in terms of people's reaction to work , particularly an individual's job satisfaction and mental health. It also refers to favorableness of the job environment for people.

[...] CONCLUSIONS: From the sample survey conducted to study the quality of work life in the organization the following conclusions have been drawn. All the issues have received a positive response from the employees there by indicating the management's interest in providing the best work environment to its employees The responses gathered for each of these statements have shown that the employees were reasonably satisfied . company believes that monetarily satisfied employees are more productive and loyal to the organization. The employees are not totally satisfied by the benefits provided by the organization to meet their personal and family needs, and are hoping for the better benefits and compensation packages. [...]

[...] The role of the supervisor in QWL The supervisor is one key to the quality of work life . a study by university of Michigan, which sought to relate large number of characteristics of workers jobs overall satisfaction, illustrates the wide variety of ways by the supervisory behavior affects the subordinate satisfaction. The right most closely related factors are listed below : a. having a nurturing supervisor b. receiving advocate help , assistance etc. c. having a few labor standard problem d. [...]

[...] Management should develop strategies to improve quality of work life in view of the barriers. Strategies for improvement of QWL QWL programs in their collaborative form involving joint union management activities are fought with difficulties .At least potentially , both union and management open themselves to substantial risks . The union may perceive joint activates undertaken at the initiative of the management as a means by which it intends to them in'. Likewise , the management may perceive joint activities initiated at the instance of the union as an intention of dilution its ability to manage and a means by which the union will acquire more power . [...]

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