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The corporate executive board cover letter

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I am writing to express my interest in becoming a Research Consultant at Corporate Executive Board. After learning much through research, experience with government internships, and five years in NROTC, I have been very impressed by the Corporate Executive Board's outstanding reputation and culture.
As a rising senior double majoring in English and Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, I have gained an extensive academic background while constantly working under group settings in highly competitive environments.

This, coupled with having a leadership role in many extracurricular activities, has provided me with the communication skills and character that are essential to succeed in such an intense environment.

Additionally, the unique demands I have experienced as President of Duke Moot Court has given me the confidence, discipline, and passion for winning that the Corporate Executive Board fosters while also teaching me mutual interdependency through teamwork. The combination of my experience and my activities at Duke has enabled me to work well under pressure and handle a high level of responsibility.

[...] These qualities are ultimately what make the Corporate Executive Board stand apart. I believe that I fit the mold and posses the qualities to make a valuable contribution to the Corporate Executive Board allowing for a future mutual benefit. I am confident that my enthusiasm, stamina, and desire to excel have helped me build a foundation for a career at the Corporate Executive Board. If you have any questions regarding my candidacy, please contact me at (704) 214- 0542 or email me at XXXXXXXXX. [...]

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