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Skills in the Work Place

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  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. What skills are critical
  4. Building relationships
  5. Being respected in a powerful role
  6. The power of positive feedback
  7. Solving problems
  8. Relevance of ability in performance
  9. Incentives = Performance?
  10. Importance of healthy thinking
  11. Locust of control scale
  12. Conclusion
  13. Source cited

I have had the experience of working in different industries and different-sized companies, and have to say that I know myself well enough to be able to predict my behavior under different situations with a great deal of accuracy. However, after working on this assignment, I have discovered nuances about myself that I would not have been able to calculate on my own. These small details guide my reactions in stressful situations, and the way I interact with other employees and my boss. Through this assignment and class discussions I have discovered about myself that contrary to what I had presumed, I am actually a team player, and function best when there are other people around with whom I can share and exchange ideas. Though I do enjoy managing myself rather than being micromanaged by an employer, I realized that I have this opportunity in a group environment. When working one-on-one with an employer, I often follow direction to the dot. I believe in having a mentor and following them blindly, especially in the beginning of a career. After all, one must know how to follow before being a leader. I have also discovered interesting things about how I handle stress, and what creates stress for me. Such information is critical to know how to eliminate or alleviate stress and create a comfortable working environment for myself.

[...] If a leader is placed in a situation where his group member is using high- pressure negotiation tactics, rather than resort to the use of threats, the leader can refuse to compromise, and hold a firm stance in his beliefs. By constantly expanding his knowledge, the leader will be able to generate innovative ideas and develop new activities that will reduce the mundane, everyday tasks of the job. With this, his group members will also realize that the leader is taking greater initiative and striving to accomplish something more significant as a whole. [...]

[...] I knew how it was supposed to work and what kind of results to expect, but I had not learned a single thing about the functionality of the code or how to make it work. In my second presentation, I had shown him what I had learned and the obstacles that faced us. Mainly these obstacles were my inexperience and lack of education in the area of Java modeling. Experts in an area that do not know much about their project, have the ability to pick out a relevant book that would help them and are able to extrapolate meaningful information and perform. [...]

[...] There were no experts or resourceful people in the office who had known anything about this area, so I was on my own. My main resource was the Internet, and trying to make Internet connections who were knowledgeable in this area. Fortunately, I did have a computer that would have been able to support this large project, and even if did not, the boss would still expect results. (After all, I was an overpaid intern). I approached the problem steadily and gradually, even though my instincts told me to forcefully attack from every area (my usual approach). [...]

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