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A research study on absenteeism of employees in an organization

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  1. Definitions of absenteeism
  2. Features of absenteeism
  3. Calculations of absenteeism rate
  4. Causes of absenteeism
    1. General causes of the absenteeism
  5. Categories of absenteeism
    1. Entrepreneurs
    2. Status seekers
    3. Epicureans
    4. Family-oriented
    5. The sick and the old
  6. Research methodology
  7. Data analysis and interpretation
  8. Inferences
  9. Conclusion
  10. Other inferences

According to Picoars and Payers ?unexpected absence disturbs the efficiency of the group as the jobs are inter-connected, if one single man remains absent without prior notice the whole operation process is distributed. This absenteeism results in production losses because, due to absenteeism, workers cost increases and thus efficiency of operations is affected.'

Absenteeism rate can be calculated for different employees and for different time periods like month & year. The frequency rate reflects the incidence of absence and is usually expressed as the no of separate absence in a given period, irrespective of absence. The frequency rate represents the average no of absence per worker in a given period.

Tags: Absenteeism of employees, Attendance of employees, Employee absenteeism study, Study on absenteeism in the workplace, Work absenteeism

[...] Severity rate = Total no of days absent during a period X 100 Total no of times absent during that period A high severity rate indicates that the employee is absent for longer duration each time. High frequency and severity rates indicates that the employee is absent more frequently and for longer duration's each time resulting in high Absenteeism even in absolute terms. Causes of Absenteeism The following are the general causes of the Absenteeism Maladjustment with the working conditions: If the working conditions of the company are poor, the workers cannot adjust themselves with the company's working conditions. [...]

[...] Frequency Respondent Percentage Inference: The table shows that of the respondents felt boredom at work rarely felt sometimes felt always and felt never, it seems that the majority employees are interested in the work. Table-18 Respondents having any other sources of income. Sources of incoming Respondent Percentage Inference: As it can be clearly seen from the above table from the total respondents of respondents and doing Agriculture, and of respondents are having business and rest of respondent i.e of respondents do not have any source of income. [...]

[...] RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Research Design: The process starts after selection of the topic Research Design denotes the planning of the research study by which the researcher followed the below mentioned methods and techniques Data Collection: Data Collected from primary and secondary data/sources. Primary Data: Asking questions with employees and workers personally. Secondary Data: Collecting the data from reference books and past records. Sampling Methods: Sampling method used for this study is non- probability convenience sampling. Methods of Data Collection: Interview Method: Interview method was used for the data collection with the interview schedule. [...]

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