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The Role of the Hiring Manager

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The hiring manager defines and enforces the recruitment policy of the company in attracting and selecting relevant candidates and promoting their integration.

The main activities
? Participate with company management to define a consistent recruitment policy, based on strategic development.
? Evaluate and negotiate a budget or corresponding annual recruitment targets.
? Keep abreast of all structural (legal work contracts, legal obligations for the company) and cyclical developments (remuneration levels prevailing in the labor market, scarcity or abundance profiles).

Job description
? Establish the definition of the post in collaboration with the supervisor who expressed a need.
? Define a candidate profile in line with the overall mission of the position: technical skills, personal qualities, experience required, level of training, etc.
? Define the need in terms of time with the supervisor.

Recruitment Communication
? Meet and select providers - HR firms, job sites - which allow the company to complete the recruitment capabilities developed in-house.
? Control recruitment: the preparation and dissemination of advertisements in the press, on websites or recruitment companies;
? Represent the company in all events related to recruitment: interviews by journalists, recruitment fairs or exhibitions at schools/colleges

Candidate Selection
? Manage all the nominations - or spontaneous response to an advertisement - addressed to the company.
? Perform a screening according to criteria of the company: current needs and specific recurring needs.
? Meeting shortlisted candidates to assess the adequacy of their profile with the vacancies within the company.
? Write summaries of maintenance to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of an application, which will be forwarded to the appropriate operational for the continuation of the recruitment process.

Monitoring the activity and the integration of candidate
? Steer the meeting with the supervisor who expressed the need for the candidate
? Assist the supervisor in the definition of a job offer, particularly in terms of remuneration
Tags: Hiring process, Candidate selection,Hiring Manager

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