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Determining the efficacy of training programs by establishing an appropriate evaluation procedure at hotels

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is Human Resource (HR)?
  3. What is Human Resource Development?
    1. The features of Human Resource Management
  4. What is Human Resource Planning?
  5. Types of training methods
    1. Evaluation of training
    2. Training evaluation responsibilities
  6. Research methodology
    1. Research objectives
    2. Type of research done
  7. Data analysis
  8. Findings and suggestions
  9. Conclusion
  10. References

Human resource management is really the management of personnel at work. Different authorities have differently defined it. The essence of all definitions is that the personnel/human resource management is the science of planning, organizing and controlling the various operative functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing the labor force for the purpose of contributing a lot towards the accomplishment of the major goal of the organization. It is, in this way, a branch of general management which deals with the people at work. Broadly, it defines the relationship between employer and employee.

It is one of the most important and essential program of Human Resource Management.
Human Resource Planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has right number of people, right kind of people, at the right places, at the right time, capable of the right places, at the right time, capable of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks which will help the organization to achieve its overall objectives as well as goals. Human Resource Planning then, translates the organization's objectives and plans into the number of workers needed to meet those objectives. Without clear cut planning, estimation of organization's human resource need is reduced to more guesswork.

[...] The Training Manager Management of the training department and agreeing the training needs and the program application Maintenance of interest and support in the planning and implementation of the programs, including a practical involvement where required The introduction and maintenance of evaluation systems, and production of regular reports for senior management Frequent, relevant contact with senior management Liaison with the learners' line managers and arrangement of learning implementation responsibility learning programs for the managers The Trainee or Learner Involvement in the planning and design of the training program where possible Involvement in the planning and design of the evaluation process where possible Obviously, to take interest and an active part in the training program or activity. [...]

[...] EVALUATION OF TRAINING There are the two principal factors which need to be resolved: Who is responsible for the validation and evaluation processes? What resources of time, people and money are available for validation/evaluation purposes? (Within this, consider the effect of variation to these, for instance an unexpected cut in budget or manpower. In other words anticipate and plan contingency to deal with variation.) Responsibility For the evaluation of training Traditionally, in the main, any evaluation or other assessment has been left to the trainers "because that is their job . [...]

[...] I have collected the data through questionnaires raised at ITC Hotel Maurya Sheraton & Towers, which covered all the aspects of appropriate training and evaluation program being conducted in the hotel. Secondary data: Data which is already available through various books, journals , magazines, internet etc. I have used secondary data too, but to a very little extent, i.e. only for detailing more on training aspects & information about the hotel. Method Used For Analysis Of Data Analysis of data collected through questionnaires & general interaction with the trainees & staff has been done with help of Simple Averages. [...]

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