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E-Recruitment and the labor market

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  1. Synthesis
  2. Labor market and stakes
    1. A Labor market in evolution
    2. The added value of Human Resources
  3. The contributions of the e-recruitment
    1. The new trends of e-recruitment
    2. The revolution of the labor market
  4. Conclusion
  5. Glossary
  6. Bibliography

E-recruitment could be defined as the use of internet for recruiting. E-recruitment is recent in France. It was created during 2000's and is yet to evolve to become the first media used by French people to their job seek.

E-recruitment mainly consists of spreading job offers on websites specialized and the diffusion of CV over the Internet. But exceeding this, basically functions which could be offered by a classical newspaper, e-recruitment allows meeting the need of a labor market in revolution.

60 years ago, ?baby-boomers? were born. Today, these people are ready to retire from active life in letting a sad labor market, where the skilled labor force is becoming rare.

This demographic environment is worrying several Human Resources Directors who are trying to find some successors by any way they can, to these salaries who will bring with their retirement their specifically know-how.

Besides, the labor market is suffering from other symptoms: inadequacy of education of young graduates and the need of the companies.

France didn't know how to adapt the university courses to the wait for a market which is suffering of shortage of some jobs, for instance technical jobs.

Others phenomenon could explain the actual market situation, like the globalization. Several French choose to work abroad for diverse reasons. All these elements modified the labor market and its stakes.

[...] The revolution of the labor market Thanks to all this evolution owing to the technology, the labor market is evolving. Logical evolution which could be explains on the form and the fund. a. The fund The fund is still similar. We always have a company which tries to recruit the good collaborator with the good skills, to the right place at the right time to meet the needs of a job description at a special instant. By this way, the labor market is not evolving faster than the form is. [...]

[...] In intern: An attractive evolution of career A training plan relevant enables to offer the development of skills Maintain the level of employability of the employees The management of wages and the potential high talent management In extern: Communication to potential candidates Management of recruiting campaigns Sourcing and selection of candidates in a competition sector Human resources have to succeed to adapt theirs strategies to the new stakes of the labor market and its evolution. Except the recruitment campaigns, companies have to implement operations in media by using above-the-line and below-the-line tools, in adapting the policy of wages to the shortage labor market or in creating new tools to attract new talents. [...]

[...] Therefore, we notice an unbalanced labor market because of the inadequacy between the important skilled people in sector without outlets (sports, communication ) and the sectors which have a shortage of skilled candidates (constructions, health ) c. A technological environment Technology has revolutionized most sectors of a modern economy; Internet, television, information exchange, thanks to IT and Internet. All these progress facilitates international exchange and improved productivity rates in agriculture, industry and services. These new technologies erased some jobs without skilled requirements and created others jobs with a requirement for high degree of qualification. [...]

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