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Employee satisfaction towards training programs in IT services

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  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of training
  3. Need for the training
  4. Objectives, functions and need for training
  5. Evaluating training programs
  6. Data analysis, research and interpretation
  7. Necessity of training: A survey
  8. Findings and suggestions
  9. Appendix
  10. Bibliography

They build work environment for mid-sized companies for implementing the ERP and CRM solutions. They take over complexity of implementation and management providing them implementation process with defined service levels. Training is the most important job of HR development. No organization can get candidate who matches the job and organizational requirements 100%. Hence training is the important to develop the employee and make him suitable to the job.

Employee efficiency productivity and development, to a greater extent, depend on training. Organizational objectives like viability, stability and growth can also be achieved through training. It is important, as it constitutes significant part of management control. Hence, the study has been undertaken to evaluate training programs in IT services firm.

Training is defined as learning that is provided in order to improve performance on the present job .

A persons performance is improved by showing her how to master a new or established technology. The technology may be a piece of heavy machinery, a computer, a procedure for creating a product, or a method of providing a service.

The last part of the sentence states that training is provided for the present job. This includes training new personnel to perform this job, introducing a new technology, or bringing an employee up to standards. According to Edwin B. Flippo ?Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job?.

[...] It is also given to familiarize a new entrant with the job Supervisory training: Supervisors are trained for technical skills, leadership qualities, for handling machines and men Technical training This type of training Programs helps in inducting new entrants to the operational requirements of the unit and in improving the skills of existing employees for promotions etc Management Development: This type of training is for managers. These training Programs emphasize attitude and values, conceptual knowledge, analytical abilities and decision - making skills. [...]

[...] 96% of the respondents agreed that training Programs have increased a lot of self-confidence in them. This leads to increase in efficiency of employees in performing their job. 88% of the respondents agreed that the existing Programs have created an interest for individual learning by helping them to become aware of their strong and weak points. 90% of the respondents agreed that they feel more inspired to perform their job during the training Programs. It proves that employees are motivated by the training Programs. [...]

[...] The questionnaire consists of Lakers scale and closed end questions for knowing the effectiveness of Training Program in IT SERVICES FIRM. CHAPTER 3 Analysis of Employee Satisfaction towards Training Program NECESSITY OF TRAINING Specifically, the need for training arises due to the following reasons .To match the employee specifications with the job requirements and organizational need. The facilitation of the transformation process and viability of the organization. To match technological advances in the changing environment and Organizational complexity. Change in the job assignment and to increase productivity. [...]

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