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Process improvement in recruitment, selection and functional design of hiring management system in relevance to IBM

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  1. Introduction
  2. Hiring management system
  3. An overview of the BPO industry
    1. HRM in BPO and IT industrry
  4. IBM and Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO)
    1. HRM at IBM-BTO
    2. Recruitment at IBM
    3. Recruitment process improvments at IBM
    4. Process improvement methodologies
    5. Steps involved in process improvement in recruitment
    6. Work flow process mapping
    7. Document of procedures
    8. Identification of errors in the process
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

Process Improvement, a methodology adopted for stabilizing and improving work tasks and systems can result in great benefits in processes in an organization by establishing continuous monitoring and control over those tasks and ensuring predictability of quality and costs. The recruitment function is one of the most important process, as hiring is the key activity that decides the quality of the human capital in the company, especially if the organization is a people driven one as is IBM-BTO. Hence such a process needs to be improved over time and streamlined to function with the maximum efficiency so that effectiveness of hiring can become the focus. Process Improvement in recruitment involved mapping the recruitment process (a step by step graphical illustration of the procedures in the process), quality documentation of procedures (so that key duties and functionalities are clearer and not people-dependent), identification of areas for improvement (identifying operational errors, causes and eliminating the causes), standardizing reporting structures and formats (so that data can be captured with accuracy) and updating the HR policy manual.

A Hiring Management system, which is a software used in the recruitment process to assist in hiring is a very important tool which can increase the efficiency in the process manifold, considering the data-intensive nature of the procedures. Designing such a system involved mapping the workflow, identifying user requirements and testing the usability and validity of performance.

Tags: Advancements in recruiting, Improvements in human resources, Developments in recruiting, Changes in recruiting, Improvements in HR models

[...] Scope of the project: The focus areas for process improvement: Workflow Mapping of the current Recruitment process Quality documentation of Desk Procedures Identification of problem areas/bottlenecks in the process Standardize Reporting methodologies and formats Track typical Process cycle time and lead time Update HR policy manual for year 2004 The focus areas for functional design of hiring management system: Provide functional consultation to design a Hiring Management system Validate working structures and workflow Access usability and friendliness Others: Work towards awareness of HR policies and procedures in the company- organize and take the exhibition. [...]

[...] At $ 3.5 billion, it was one of the most significant acquisitions in IBM's history and helped IBM expand into consulting services following this acquisition. In 2002, IBM won the largest outsourcing contract in its history. JPMorgan Chase will invest billion over seven years to reduce operational costs, increase internal efficiencies, accelerate innovation, and improve its ability to respond to changing market conditions by using on demand technologies and services. IBM-BTO: With the expansion of IBM into Business Consulting Services and the goal to offer complete end-to-end solutions, the Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO) unit was established. [...]

[...] Figure 1.4 IMPORTANCE OF HIRING PROCESS IN RENTENTION: Hiring has been recognized as the most important process in employee management as hiring has a key role to play in employee retention and thereby affecting a vast majority of issues including cost to company, client serving, business performance, etc. The right procedures expected at each process involved in this employee management cycle are given in Figure These parameters/requirements forms retention focused actions and ensures availability of human capital at the right time and place. [...]

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