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The role and importance of human resources department (HRD) in an organization

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  1. Introduction
  2. Recommendations
  3. Meaning of HRD
  4. HRD instruments, processes and outcomes
  5. The 6 different processes in operation in an organization at six different levels
    1. Existential process
    2. Empathic process
    3. Coping process
    4. Building process
    5. Collaborative and the competitive processes
    6. Growth process
  6. HRD outcomes
  7. Need for HRD
  8. Conditions and requirements for effective human resource in an organization
  9. Values in HRD professionals
  10. Emerging trends
    1. Stress management
    2. Flexible work options
    3. Self-development
    4. Achievement motivation
    5. Emotional intelligence
    6. Enhancing team effectiveness
  11. Quality of group communications
  12. Separate budget allocations
  13. Decentralization
  14. Uses of periodical surveys
  15. Monitoring
  16. Structural changes

Ten years ago hardly any organization had HR departments or talked about it. Today it is difficult to find organizations which employ a large number of people who do not talk about HRD. In spite of this popularization of HRD in the last few years, success experience of HRD is limited to a few organizations and many others are yet to translate their goodwill into action. But even today, the organizations in the service sector continue to neglect it.

But HR is much more progressing in the manufacturing sector. There are a lot many new concepts which are emerging in this field like Stress management, self development, achievement motivation, emotional competence, organizational intelligence etc. If these companies would not invest in the people they would not have grown and expanded. Now-a-days organizations and their top management have recognized that HRD cannot be limited to a few employees in coverage. It is also recognized that HRD is too important to be left as an informal processes and rather it should be a well planned activity.

In a nutshell, we can say that the service sector has a lot to learn from the HR industry.

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[...] There are certain conditions and requirements for effective human resource in an organization like: Knowing the organization well-Top management and HR professionals must know the capabilities, drawbacks, and problems of employees at all levels. This can only be achieved by being in touch with people at all levels, even at the lower level. This helps in better utilization of available potential, building trust, reducing communication gaps and solving grievances. Feedback and communication- Knowing the importance of feedback, it is unfortunate that in many organizations either get filtered feedback or disregard feedback. [...]

[...] An organization characterized by predominantly ?achievement-oriented' work climate can be easily expected to reach the pinnacle of success and prosperity. ?Achievement Motive can be understood as a desire in an individual to excel with regard to some chosen standards of performance and to achieve something unique. This desire is supported by an ability to take necessary risks to achieve what he has set out for, a commitment to make requisite efforts, learn new skills, and willingness to take personal responsibility for creating an environment around himself that is conducive for his goal realization. [...]

[...] Values are roots, culture would be the stems and the leaves and happiness of the people and their innovative contribution and their eagerness to adopt and practice anything new would be the fruits that organization would derive in the long run. EMERGING TRENDS There are some of the emerging trends in the field of HRD which, if implemented in the organizations can prove to be very fruitful for them. These basically aim at the self-development of the employees so that they can perform better and improve their work performance as well as their effectiveness at the work-place. [...]

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