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The role of HR managers in the context of changing external environmental factors

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  1. Introduction
  2. Changing Environment Of Human Resource Managers:
    1. Example 01
    2. Example 02
  3. External Factors Influencing the HR Role
  4. Technological Factors
  5. Economic Challenges
  6. Political Factors
  7. Social & Culture
  8. Workforce Diversity
  9. HR Practices that Help Organisations to get sustainable competitive advantage
    1. Link between Top Level Management and HR
    2. Mentoring the Employees
    3. Planning For Demographic Changes
    4. Managing Cultural Diversity
    5. Monitoring the Attitudes of the Workers
    6. Collaboration between HR and line managers
  10. The Strategic HR Management Model
  11. Compensation packages
  12. What is Collective Bargaining?
  13. Conclusion

Over the last two decades, the work environment has improved in new techniques that no one expected, causing growth in innovation and globalization. The following era will witness superior changes, influencing all sides of the workstation, containing main variations for HR managers. To respond to the needs of globalization, they will need new talent and skill in relation to culture and language, technological skills, new approaches to measure efficiency and assess policies. Obviously, these fresh abilities and skills will constitute an evolving task for the HR management, which will seek to partner with tactical agencies that will assist the whole business policy. This paper covers the external environmental factors that affect the task of HR managers, it also includes the role of HR managers in changing external environmental factors and the HR practices that can help organizations get sustainable competitive advantages. The second part of the document focuses on the collective bargaining from different employee unions on compensation package to increase wages and other different benefits. That causes the organization heavy loss in profit and growth. The importance of this issue is highlighted by several organizational examples.

[...] We all need an incident attitude to be more efficient in the current world. The same technique holds for organisations. The objective of this assignment is to solve the secrecy adjoining external factors that confuse the role of an HR manager in real exercise. Let's take a small number of the environmental factors which have major influence on the organisation The expression "environment" here denotes to the "sum of all factors whereas impact both the organisation and workers sub system" 3 External Factors Influencing the HR Role 1. Technological Factors 2. [...]

[...] It ends in the cost of two billion dollars in 1994. Later, there was a number of effective unconventionalities like: Disney's strategy of not providing Alcohol 2. Serving less amount of feast 3. Lunch timings 4. Non-suitability of cooperation for the workers Workforce Diversity According to Leo Lingham (2004) 5 decades ago HR management was considered very easy because the workforce was outstandingly same. Mainly it comprised of men, very few females were hired. HR manager had a restricted job, mostly comprising of hiring, selection, orientation and training. [...]

[...] The political atmosphere of an organisation has a direct impact on the political environment in which the HR managers of an organisation work. The important drivers of that environment contain the degree of external rules, environment of work agreements, several labour regulations and instance laws. Such factors continue ever varying, and intrinsically, the political environment of HR management continues in a continuous change of instability Example 09 Operating in (Ivory Research Ltd 2009) international market with superstores round the globe Tesco now runs in more than 20 states. [...]

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