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The role played by Human Resources and their contribution in the success of Merger and Acquisitions. Case study: Tata -Corus

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
    1. Background.
    2. Case company.
    3. Research question.
  3. Outlines of the research.
  4. Literature review.
    1. Recent trends in merger & acquisition activity.
    2. Motives behind merger and acquisitions.
    3. Why mergers and acquisitions fail?
    4. Factors affecting successful mergers and acquisitions.
    5. Changing role of HR in organizations.
    6. Role of HR in mergers and acquisitions.
    7. Organizational identification and communication during merger.
    8. Role of HR directors and top management.
    9. Managing the cultural differences.
  5. Research methodology.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Collection of data.
    3. Secondary data.
    4. Primary data.
    5. Interviews.
  6. Background of the case company.
    1. The company Tata.
    2. Tata steel and mergers and acquisitions.
    3. Making global imprints.
    4. The company Corus.
    5. Motives behind the alliance.
  7. Data presentation and analysis.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Sample.
    3. Interviews.
    4. Survey results.
  8. Conclusion and recommendations.
  9. References.

Tata-Corus, Arcelor-Mittal, Daimler-Chrysler, America online- Time Warner?. The phenomenon of Merger and Acquisition has proved to be a very popular means for organizations to achieve growth and promote strategic change, especially during the last two decades. The reason that the concern within organizations has increased lately is because the failure rate for such deals has reached 50% or higher.

There have been several researches done on mergers and acquisitions from many different angles. One aspect that has not been deeply researched is the human resource aspect. Thus the issues of uncertainty, stress management, distrust, and employee turnover have become very serious issues that often arise in such turbulent times of organizational change. People have become the hidden factor in the merger success. This dissertation highlights this important factor. This study aims to identify the role played by human resource department before, during and after the merger and acquisition process

Signed on 31, January 2007,to become the fifth largest steel producer in the world, the marriage between Indian and British steel company Tata and Corus steel is indeed one of the most remarkable and recent examples of an Indian firm acquiring a British firm. The 6.7 billion Corus takeover is almost 10 times larger than any previous acquisition made by the group or by any Indian company.
This dissertation highlights the issues that concern the human side of merger and acquisition and investigates the role played by human factor and how they can be enhanced to bring successful result in merger and acquisition with reference to the Tata and Corus companies.

[...] The findings from the primary and secondary data have given the researcher the answer to his research question investigate the role played by human resources and their contribution in the success of merger and acquisitions?? Case study: Tata ?Corus. Some of the important findings that have risen from the results of interviews and survey questionnaires that were carried out with the staff are as follows: Reward system and incentives- One of the most striking results that came out from the survey questionnaires and interviews addressed to the staff of Tata group was about incentives. [...]

[...] Further to portray a strong picture of the findings semi-structured interviews have also been taken with both the assistant HR managers of Tata and Corus steel INTERVIEWS To find about the role of human resources in merger and acquisitions the researcher carried out two semi-structured interviews. The researcher interviewed the assistant HR managers of Tata group and Corus groups. The researcher has made an attempt to identify the role played by human resources in mergers and acquisitions by interviewing the HR managers. [...]

[...] The case company for the research, Tata Steel has been chosen to exemplify the role played by human resources in success of mergers and acquisitions. The choice among Indian companies was severely limited by the fact that, very few of them are involved in Cross Border Acquisitions. Tata group is the only Indian group that has a history in Acquiring firms outside India. The company has made news with its acquisition journey that started from Tetley tea. Since then the group has acquired 3 British firms during the past 5 years that includes Tetley tea, Corus Steel, Jaguar and Land Rover brands. [...]

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