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Employee welfare measures taken in the Indian South Central Railway

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  1. Introduction
  2. The company
    1. Profile of Indian Railways
    2. Profile of South Central Railway
    3. Employee welfare measures in South Central Railway
  3. Data analysis and presentation
    1. Presentation and analysis
  4. Summary and conclusions
    1. Findings and conclusions
    2. Suggestions or recommendations
  5. Appendices
    1. Appendix A - Organization structure of railways
    2. Appendix B - Questionnaire
  6. Bibliography

Human Resource Management is one of the most complex and challenging fields of management. It deals with the ?People Dimension' in management. Human Resources play a very important role in the development of the business. They constitute the organization at all levels and are regarded as a dynamic factor of production. Labor is considered as a very dominant factor of production for increasing productivity. In order to get best results from the employees, management must be aware of what employees expect from their employees. It is for the management to see that the workers get economic, social and individual satisfaction, employee welfare activities are undertaken.

The Study on ?Employee Welfare Measures? is conducted with the main objective of evaluating the effectiveness of welfare measures at South Central Railway and to suggest measures to make existing welfare measures much more effective and comprehensive so that the benefits of the employees will be increased.

The concept of ? Employee Welfare ' is flexible and elastic and differs widely with time, region, industry, social values and customs, degree of industrialization, the general economic development of the people and political ideologies prevailing at a particular time, it is also molded according to the age ? group, sex, socio - cultural background, marital and economic status and educational level of the workers in various industries.

In the ?broader sense', employee welfare may include not only the minimum standard of hygiene and safety laid down in general employee legislation, but also such aspects of working life as social insurance schemes, measures for the protection of women, limitation of hours of work, paid vacation, etc. In the ?narrow sense', welfare in addition to general physical working conditions is mainly concerned with the day ? to ? day problems of the workers and social relationships at the place of work. In some countries, the use of the welfare activities provided is confined to the workers employed in the undertakings concerned, while in others, the workers' families are allowed to share in many of the benefits which are made available.

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[...] Facilities of Holiday Homes to Retired Railway Employees : Retired Railway employee shall be given confirmed booking of Holiday Homes during periods other than summer vacations, Dussehra, Pooja and Christmas holidays, seven days prior to the date of occupation and confirmed booking shall not be cancelled during the last 7 days preceding the date of occupation, in preference to the serving railway employee. Retired Employees Contributory Health Scheme: Railway employees after retirement / invalidation could avail of the medical facilities by joining this scheme for which they were to pay a monthly contribution w.e.f Revised rates of contribution effective from will be- Group Rs.9/- Group Rs.27/- Group Rs.18/- Group Rs.36/-. [...]

[...] -The Labor Investigation Committee preferred to include under Labor Welfare: thing done for the intellectual, physical, moral and economic betterment of the workers, where by employers, by government or by other agencies, over and above what is laid down by law or what is normally expected of the contractual benefits for which workers may have bargained.? -The ILO report refers to the Employee/Labor Welfare as: ?Such services, facilities, and amenities as may be established in or in the vicinity of undertakings to enable the persons employed in them to perform their work in healthy, congenial surroundings and provided with amenities conducive to good health and high morale.? -The Encyclopedia of Social Sciences has defined Labor Welfare work as: voluntary efforts of the employers to establish, within the existing industrial system, working and sometimes, living and cultural conditions of the employees beyond what is required by law, the custom of the country and conditions of the market.? Basic Features of Welfare: In the ?broader sense', employee welfare may include not only the minimum standard of hygiene and safety laid down in general employee legislation, but also such aspects of working life as social insurance schemes, measures for the protection of women, limitation of hours of work, paid vacation, etc. [...]

[...] South Central Railway Women's Welfare Organization: The South Central Railway Women's Welfare Organization (SCRWWO) has been formed mainly to supplement efforts of the railway administration in arranging relief to the distressed staff and to extend the assistance to the needy employees and their off springs. Wives of the railway employees are eligible to become the members of the organization. Various schemes undertaken by SCRWWO inter alias include: Technical assistance in functioning of 66 Handicraft Centers to augment railway staff family income through tailoring, embroidery etc. [...]

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