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Performance appraisal in Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd

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  1. Introduction
  2. Theoritical framework of performance appraisal
    1. Purpose of performance management systems
  3. Performance appraisal and EEO laws
  4. Objectives of performance appraisal
  5. Purpose of performance appraisal
  6. Methodology of the study
  7. Definitation of performance appraisal
  8. Importance of performance appraisal
  9. Overview of performance management
  10. Methods of performance appraisal
  11. Company profile: Dr Reddy's laboratories ltd
  12. Data analysis and findings
  13. Suggestions and conclusion
  14. Bibliography

Every year employees experience an evolution in their past performance. Employees generally see these evaluations as having some direct effect on their work lives. They may result in increased pay, a promotion, or assistance in personal development areas for which the employees needs some training. As a result, any evaluation of employees work can create an emotionally charged event. Because the performance evaluation is not the simple process it once was, it is now more critical to perform one while simultaneously focusing on key activities of the job.

If we want to know how will the employees are doing, we've got to measure their performance-not necessarily an easy task. Many factors go into the performance evaluation process, such as why do we do them, who should be benefited from the evaluation, what type if evaluation should be used, and what problems might be encountered.

Performance management system involves a number of activities. They are more than simply reviewing what an employee has done. These systems must fulfill several purposes. Nearly three decades ago, performance evaluations were designed primarily to tell employees how they had done over a period of time and to let them know what pay raise them would be getting. This was the ?feedback? mechanism in place. Although this may have served its purpose then, today there are additional factors that must be addressed. Specifically, performance evaluations should also address development and documentation concerns.

[...] To align people with organizational strategy and values To be perceived as transparent and fair in the process To be oriented to the people development and yet, put the onus of the development on the individual To encourage teamwork and collaboration To create a system of assessment by team rather than individuals To differentiate among team members based on performance and potential To raise the performance bar To show intolerance to mediocrity Key processes of PerfECT: - Performance planning/goal setting -Performance coaching/ half yearly review -Performance review/ annual review -Feedback and consequence management Performance planning/goal settings: Once the business/functional scorecard is frozen, the superior and the employee should meet to clarify expectation from their key customers/stakeholders and each other. [...]

[...] and cheminor drugs LTD have world class expertise in development and manufacturing of organic intermediaries, bulk pharmaceuticals, finished dosages, diagnostics and biotechnology. DRL has already formulated 3 new chemical entities (NCE) with two of them being licensed To Nova Nordisk. In international market the focus areas are Russia, Central Europe, CIS countries, Brazil, China, Middle East, South Africa, and south East Asia. Location DRL was recently restructured into SBU's (Strategy Business Units) as follows 1. SBU bulk activities 2. SBU branded formulations 3. [...]

[...] DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS QUESTIONNAIRE Are you aware of performance appraisal system in Dr.Reddy's? Yes No [ ] S.NO OPTIONS NO.OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE INTERPRETATION: The above table indicates that 22 members are aware of Performance Appraisal system in Dr.Reddy's. How do you feel regarding the PERFECT system in Dr.Reddy's? (a)Satisfied Moderately Satisfied Not Satisfied [ ] S.NO OPTIONS NO.OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE satisfied INTERPRETATION: The above table indicates that 4 members are satisfied members are moderately satisfied and 7 members are not satisfied regarding the PERFECT system in Dr.Reddy's. [...]

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