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An overview on the distribution system of toy store Toys 'R'Us

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  1. Analysis and presentation of the specific profile of the company and establishment of key strategic objectives of the company for international expansion
    1. The Profile
    2. Main goals for international expansion
  2. Choice of selection criteria for countries that are most appropriate for the profile of our business and our strategic objectives.
    1. The cultural criterion
    2. The economic criterion
    3. The geographical criterion
    4. The legal context
  3. Application of the criteria chosen to compare the terms offered by the three countries, and choosing the best country for your project.
    1. The economy
    2. The geography
    3. The legal context
    4. The cultural criterion
  4. Choosing the best country
  5. Description of the profile chosen market against our strategic objectives
    1. The economy
    2. Legal Factor
    3. The Culture
    4. The geography
  6. Establishing the best market entry strategy
  7. Future Development Strategy
    1. Focused on customers
    2. Looking to the staff
    3. Oriented techniques and energy

In 1948, at the age of 25, Charles Lazarus created a company dedicated exclusively to children and their needs, just at the time of baby-boom during the post- war period. He had no idea that his first boutique for babies in Washington DC would generate a turnover of 11 billion dollars, with about 1,500 stores worldwide!

How did Charles Lazarus manage to accomplish such a feat? It is by listening to its customers, of course. 'I need a toy for my baby' was a phrase he used to hear when his shop was specialized only in furniture for babies. When he began selling toys for babies, his clients asked for toys for older children, which he did provide. All what customers wanted, Lazarus was trying to give them and thus Toys'R'Us store became a store one of its kind.

In 1957, Charles opened his first supermarket dedicated to toys, which specialized in retail and positioning ?off-price, revolutionary concepts? at the time. Given the success of these stores, he decided to sell to an American Company, Interstate. When Interstate went bankrupt, Charles, once again, joined the company and it finances straightened prodigiously. Toys?R'Us became a public company in 1978.

Today, Toys'R'Us Inc. is divided into: Toys'R'Us, U.S.; Toys'R'Us International; Kids'R'Us; Babies'R'Us; Imaginarium;

The year of the creation of the French subsidiary of Toys'R'Us was in 1988. In 1989, the top five stores in the country: Velizy, Parinor,Fun, Bordeaux, Noyelles Gaudault were opened.

By 1998, there were 44 stores in France, three in Belgium and one in Luxembourg. The overall plan for "rebuilding" was being undertaken at an international level. This business repositioning plan, combined with a fierce determination on the part of the company teams to create a new dynamic Toys'R'Us allowed France to obtain very significant results in 1999 (18.75%), with 31 stores.

In 2000 the results were confirmed with an annual increase on a comparable basis by 20%. In 2001, Toys'R'Us, with its new positioning as a specialist in recreation for children from 0 to 12 years, and strategies that accompany it, has found a path of sustained growth. With this performance, Toys'R'Us France resumed its expansion.

The store in Villebon opened in 2002 and the Torcy store opened in 2003. During 2004 and 2005, several project openings were being finalized.

Toys'R'Us is a unique company in terms of advice, products and services. The interests of children are numerous and changing and Toys'R'Us respond to the universe through various thematic games, toys, but also childcare, multimedia, edutainment, sport and outdoor activities.

Tags: Toys'R'Us, origin of Toys'R'Us, distribution system of Toys'R'Us

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