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Career endeavors: A look at a career in logistics

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Art teacher to logistics major
    1. The role of teachers and parents in the life of a child
    2. The authors desire to be an environmentalist
  3. History of logistics
  4. Who do you need to be?
    1. The main personality characteristics of a logistics focused employee
  5. Life within the organization
  6. Skills and education that help best
  7. Previous experiences to future career choices
  8. Does the career suit you best?
  9. Balancing health and time within the organization
  10. Money in the bank and benefits
    1. The overall salary
    2. Benefits
  11. Preparation for the future
  12. Works cited

This report will include several aspects of a logistics career field in an appealing approach. First an introductory paragraph labeled Art Teacher to Logistics Major will explain the reasoning for my writing. Following that, the next header, History of Logistics, is self explanatory. Who You Need to Be presents the personality traits for entering into a career in logistics. Next, Life within the Organization summarizes the job duties and expectations of the specified field area. Skills and Education That Help Best give details about the level of education needed and skills to obtain a high career level position within the field of logistics. Previous Experiences to Future Career Choices enlightens the reader about internship and job opportunities to start their career path. After that, Does the Career Suit You Best simply asks the reader midway if they like what they have read so far and quotes others on their aspect of the career field. Balancing Health and Time within the Organization tells the reader exactly what is going to be expected of them and how it will impact their stress level on the job. Money in the Bank and Benefits simply gives details about the potential salary and benefits of a career in logistics. Lastly, Preparation for the Future summarizes the paper and gives details about organizations and a magazine the reader could pursue if they chose to enter the field of logistics.

[...] Throughout this paper, I will explain the benefits and details of acquiring a position within different logistics career fields including informational interviews with persons within these career fields. Every person is best suited for a different career path based on their personality. This career path is well suited for me because it is something I am passionate about, for I believe if an individual is fervent about their career, they will be content and determined to be the best in their chosen profession. [...]

[...] Degrees in Transport, Geography and some Business-related subjects may also be considered.? According to Stern, ?Contracting in school is important if you can take it and any pre-training in the military.? The military is also a great place to obtain a start within the logistics career field because it is the first ?business' to really start the logistics planning. Previous Experiences to Future Career Choices There are many ways to approach a start in a career field though no one person has the correct answer, only suggestions. [...]

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