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Case study of the Nicolas the U.K. Ltd

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the communication strategy
    1. The target, the typical
    2. Communication objectives
  3. Advertising investment
    1. Advertising investment
    2. From each media
    3. Cost of an advertisement on criteria
  4. Levels of communication
  5. The creative strategy copy
  6. The slogan
  7. Creative analysis
  8. Conclusion

The late 1980s and early 1990s witnessed a fall in the turnover of Nicolas SA and Nicolas UK and the two groups did not appear to be profitable. Between 1988 and 1991, the UK underwent a recession, which was not conducive to business. A change in Nicolas UK was not to be felt until the middle of 1990, when it decided to do a "trial" on the magazine of Holland Park. This test was conducted to "revamp" the magazine with the redevelopment of windows, neat interiors, and French personnel. It was a success, and London's population enjoyed it.

In addition, in 1993, E. Gandon was appointed director of Nicolas UK, and focused on direct marketing and also gave more momentum to Nicolas UK by developing promotions, every three weeks, and increased the turnover. Gradually, Nicolas UK followed a particular policy in the United Kingdom, and all services were represented at the Head Office.

It is in 1822, that the first store Nicolas specializing in wines and spirits opens in Saint Anne the heart of Paris. From the beginning the company Nicolas knows a strong development and a particular enthusiasm by the Parisians, including through the full range of wines from the soil of France.

Indeed, the operation is innovative because the wine is sold in bottles and home delivery is done with strollers. The company Nicolas turned to innovation that launched the sale of "Beaujolais Nouveau" in bottles rather than in barrels. The communication is excellent, the brand became known with advertisements of great artists signed to the streets and even till the movies.

During this period of success, the development followed the trend of the market that gives priority to sales volume, which worked quite well. As early as 1887, company already had 31 stores and they numbered 250 in 1958, in less than a century.

The wine business is becoming more competitive especially in Great Britain. Indeed, the British market is heavy (4,400 million euros in 2006) and is growing.

Historically, France ranked first for the export of wine to the UK but since 2002, Australia has overtaken France in value ( 705 million pounds or 23% of the market against 650 million for France has 21 % market share).

The reason being that the average price of a bottle of Australian wine is 4.48 pounds against 3.90 pounds for French wine. Faced with the popularity of new world wines, Nicolas UK tries to differentiate itself from its image of high-end French wines and specializes in this niche quite easyily.

But one of the problems facing the French wine market is the British system of Controlled Appellation of Origin (AOC). Indeed, an AOC imposes strict criteria such as not to highlight the grape variety used on the label of the bottle. Foreign wines can in turn use the grape as a selling point which makes the consumption of wine at once simpler and clearer.

The AOC also prohibits altering the taste by adding flavors to the wine for reasons of quality and tradition but foreign wines are not subject to these rules and can therefore produce a wine according to consumer expectations.
It is therefore unnecessary to say that these wines have been big hits on the consumer market and is still a threat to the house Nicolas.

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